[Libs-Or] Tech-Talk: WEB TOOL - Video Conference with Zoom.us

Pierina Parise pparise at emporia.edu
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Just FYI, for anyone considering Zoom –

Emporia State University uses this Web conferencing system, and I really like it.  It is very easy to set up and use.  I much prefer it to Skype, and we rarely have any connectivity problems.


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This Week's Tech-Talk:  WEB TOOL
1. VIDEO ... Video Conference with Zoom.us
2. ARTICLE ... Video Conference with Zoom.us
3. COMMUNICATING ... Are You Over-Using "Bold"?

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0018yfCU9tu11daDhhAIrWV8rpixZsbQS3VBitSSN1xErG65yDLjhtkZbpr4k-iRf08PNgT0oo1bQe8FP2KrSp3CQkbNdUG2s_bBh4f6zng-KtsJQD1GhA0M6Kh8YzGoNYGVKYOyjeTpNeYmcwBJvfLQ4FzpWvbC1vu4wxYo_eHicy4BciIABa9BBDxX6OBtNzI_irWzagYdzWvjlZSRg6fjNOtv89Pf2RSJwGj4Louw7Q=&c=8HoQdSr6qDmWPn_-Zesuu536VoYvG1n1qo-gOizzGXrDrdwZR5ekcg==&ch=Sgytscx9pvcNncbmOBm88S9DZlFI6tjUY3MTDEiQeHSmkz91MLpnVQ==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: WEB TOOL - Video Conference with Zoom.us

Have you ever needed to meet with someone who was not in the same location? Maybe you wanted to discuss a document, provide an online demo, or present a proposal to a colleague.

What would be nice is a way to collaborate online -- so that both of you can not only hear and see each other via webcam, but everyone can view the computer screen. This is a great way to get your work done more quickly!

[Zoom meetings]There are several web-based tools out there that provide a platform for online meetings, webinars and training such as GotoMeeting and WebEx. These tools are great, but there's a new game in town that is stealing a bit of their thunder.

It's www.Zoom.us<http://www.Zoom.us> (note it's not ".com", it is ".us").

One particular advantage this relatively new tool offers is a FREE meeting level (for connecting two computers).   Plus, you can see everyone along with the documents they want to share.  This makes for a highly engaged session.

The basic Zoom offering has the features that you need to hold an online meeting - and there's no cost to it! Anyone can go to their website and sign up for a free account to use as much or as little as needed.

Zoom.us Basic Features

  *   Schedule unlimited one-to-one meetings.

  *   Host a meeting with up 100 participants (group meetings limited to 40 minutes).

  *   Participants can join by phone, desktop, mobile apps and tablet devices.

  *   [http://www.tech-talk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/TT793Zoom-6.png] Instant or scheduled meetings -- with your very own "personal meeting room" (meaning the meeting ID# is the same number every time).

  *   Participants don't have any software to download -- they are connected instantly when they click on the meeting invitation. NOTE: If participants want to share their screen, there is a small download.

  *   HD video screens that remain on while you're talking (if desired). The video turns on automatically (if you have a webcam). And... we noticed that the quality of the video gives a very flattering appearance, not a harsh, grainy picture.

  *   Either person can share their screen. TIP:  Always stop sharing yours before having someone else share theirs.  It works more smoothly that way!

  *   Zoom.us offers very nice tutorials which are offered multiple times per week (ask questions and get answers immediately). Even though this platform is very intuitive the tutorial is worthwhile because there is so much you can do with this tool.

Enjoy Your Own Personal Meeting Room

Once you sign up for your account, it's easy to start a meeting simply by logging into zoom.us.

There is a Personal Meeting Room tab where you can find and copy the Join url to send to someone ... or simply tell them the Meeting ID when they get to the Zoom.us home page. You can even use the Zoom smart phone app and invite participants via Instant Message.

Ready to share your screen?  Mouse over the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, you'll get these options shown below. Once you pick one, like Share Screen, more options become available.

[control panel]

Sharing Your Screen ... Your Best Choice

When you start to share your screen, you'll have lots of choices. (See image below.)

The one that is most often chosen is the first image, the DESKTOP, (instead of any other open documents, programs, etc.).

This is because the Desktop allows you to show everything ... in all different types of programs (Word, PPT, Google) ... without having to open other software.  It's the most flexible.  Of course, if you only want people to see ONE thing, you can choose that single item instead.

[screen sharing]

[communication]Communicate - Writing
Best Use of Bold
Are you over-using "bold"?  Do you choose words strategically?

The use of bold has always been a great way to bring important topics to people's attention. Headings and sub-heads are typically treated this way, but what about using this technique in the body of the document?

If you really want to get your point across, be strategic about how you bold text in narrative sections.  Less is more! Too much can defeat your point.

Here are some guiding thoughts to use as you review your writing:

  *   Make sure the words you put in bold are what you want people to remember. Test this by reading the bolded words only.

  *   Be sure that the bold makes the sentence easier to read. You want to support a continuous flow.

  *   Don't bold long sentences ... and certainly not entire paragraphs.

  *   It's OK (and sometimes preferred) to bold part of a sentence, as long as the fragment is a stand-alone thought.

Again, when you're done, go back over what you've written, reading just the bold. This way you''ll see if a scan of just that text will yield a complete message.

 Examples For You

The first example below is OK, but the second one is better. See how the important thought is conveyed more easily in the second example.

1st Example:  OK

2nd Example: Better


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