[Libs-Or] Eyebrow Pop-Up #1 State Librarians Cornelia Marvin and Oregon in WWI

Kevin Mittge mittge at siuslawlibrary.org
Thu Jun 29 09:21:20 PDT 2017

The Oregon State Council of Defense records are wonderful.  I've used them
for years, both for my own genealogy research, as well as presenting
programs about World War I and Oregon.  Each soldier's family was requested
to complete a questionnaire about the soldier's service record, with all
kinds of biographical as well as military information.  The response rate
was great.  Cornelia Marvin was a fantastic State Librarian and State

Kevin Mittge

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 4:47 PM, Tony <tony_greiner at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I read an article in the Summer 2017 *Oregon Historical Quarterly "*The
> War to End War  One Hundred Years Later*" *by Kimberly Jensen of Western
> Oregon University and Christopher Nichols of Oregon State University.  I
> came across this sentence that made my eyebrows pop up:
> "After the Nov 11, 1918 Armistice that concuded the conflict, Oregon State
> Librarian COrnelia Marvin accepted the monumental task of serving as the
> historian of Oregon's First World War experiences, working for the state's
> Council of National Defense...Marvin gathered some 36,000 personal
> histories of home and warfront service..
> The footnote goes onto say that Marvin's correspondence  and the Oregon
> State Council of Defense records are stored at the State Archives.  The
> archivists there have put together an onlien exhibit drawing on tehse
> records:
> "Oregon at War!"  http://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/ww1/Pages/
> default.aspx
> <http://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/ww1/Pages/default.aspx>
> Oregon Secretary of State: World War I Exhibit Home
> <http://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/ww1/Pages/default.aspx>
> sos.oregon.gov
> The official website of the Oregon Secretary of State
> I sure hope this wasn't announced earlier and I slept through it.
> Tony
> <http://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/ww1/Pages/default.aspx>
> Primo and Alma: Making WorldCat Local Look Good
> **tony_greiner at hotmail.com**
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