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Very well said, thank you, Harold. We who love libraries stand with you, we will always work to serve our communities, as it is the work we're meant to do. 
I know I remain hopeful for Douglas County, and other counties in crisis, because dedicated people like you are out there. Until those doors open again, though, we all have a heavier heart. So, as you say, let's continue to use our voices to help each other.
Let's look ahead to a bright (if unknown now) future for Douglas County Libraries.

> On May 31, 2017, at 6:12 PM, Harold A. Hayes <hahayes at co.douglas.or.us> wrote:
> Where does one begin…? First, with a ‘thank-you’ to all of you for your support.
> Two months ago I had the ignominious opportunity to close ten libraries and today I closed the 11th. The Douglas County Library System is gone. Personally, professionally, and as a member of my community the loss is profound.
> Changes abound around us – it has always been so. But, do not let yourself become complacent. Live with courage! Do not think that your voice cannot be heard, but rather be a point around which others can rally. Strive for that which is good and will benefit the individual, the family, the neighborhood, and the community. And by community, I mean the world! Libraries need to be a part of our world.
> Ambitious? Maybe so. I guess you could sit on the sofa and watch reality TV instead. But what I propose is way more fun and less fattening.
> Before things became so serious here in Roseburg – and at other jobs I’ve had in the past – I liked to tell my employees, “Have fun! If you’re not having fun, your fired!” So, in a similar vein, don’t take things too seriously. After all, it is only the future that is at stake.
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