[Libs-Or] HEY YOU! Write for the summer OLA Quarterly! Especially if you're in LIOLA!

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Hi all -

It's my honor and privilege to be the Guest Editor for the Summer 2018 issue of the OLA Quarterly. The theme for this issue is Lots of Ways to Be a Leader.

When people talk about "library leadership," they are often referring to leadership by library management, or leadership by people with MLS/MLIS/MSLIS degrees. This issue will be inclusive of these voices, but I don't want it to be limited to them. Because that would be boring. I am both a manager and a degreed librarian, so I know this to be true. We're booooooooooring.

Instead, I want to hear from anyone who has actively made substantive change within their organization. I want this issue to answer the musical question: How have you made your library a better place? Or, how have you made your community a better place through library activities? If you have been an active agent of positive change -- if you spearheaded a program, changed a policy, or made your library a more inclusive community space -- you're a Library Leader. If you tried valiantly to make a positive change and failed, you're still a Library Leader. If you see yourself in this paragraph at all, I want you to wear the title "leader" with pride - and I want you to write about it!

For this issue, we are doing the article solicitations a little differently. And a little ironically given the holistic intent of the issue, but bear with me.

This May, the first-ever Leadership Institute of the Oregon Library Association will be convening in Pendleton. I am a member of the inaugural LIOLA cohort, so I can say with authority that this year's roster is a who's-who of up-and-coming library leaders. In order to give the voices and ideas of these nascent leaders a dedicated forum, to promote the efforts of the OLA Leadership Committee, and to promote future Leadership Institutes, submission priority will be given to members of the current LIOLA cohort.

In that spirit, the rest of this call for submissions is intended for the eyes of LIOLAns only. If you are not a member of the LIOLA cohort, close this email now.

Hey, new buddies.

I hope you realize that you can look forward to me nagging you nonstop to write an article. We will all be working, eating, and sleeping in close quarters for almost an entire week at the Institute proper, so there will be many, many, many opportunities for me to do this.

Fair warning; if I haven't gotten enough "yes"es by the third day of the Institute, I will stare balefully at people until they acquiesce. At the continental breakfast bar. Have you seen Wild Wild Country? Because I have been told my steely, Ma Anand Sheela-like visage makes it very difficult for people to enjoy waffle bars.

Want to save your colleagues a whole lot of grief? Send me a short (150-200 word) article proposal or abstract now! To accommodate LIOLA participants who might want to write about the program itself or about ideas incubated therein, the proposal submission date has been moved to June 1. Articles are due on July 15; we hope to publish on or around August 15.

With love and librariousness, and a little bit of salmonella,
Jane Scheppke, MLIS
Assistant Director, Crook County Library
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Prineville, OR 97754
(541) 447-7978 ext. 303
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