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Sun Aug 12 22:20:59 PDT 2018

Rachael Davis joined the Guin Library (one of OSU’s branch libraries
located at the Hatfield Marine Science Center campus) in August 2016 as
Library Technician 3.  Please download and read her new article,
“Supplementing Traditional Documentation with Oral History: Capturing
Institutional Knowledge at Oregon State University Libraries,” here:

>From Rachael’s article, “Creating a deliberate retention plan along with
vital documentation not only benefits all future staff but—just as
importantly—preserves the library’s history for posterity. Traditional
documentation can get a new hire started. But, if you really want them to
understand the whys and hows of a position, it is worth the time to sit
with the outgoing employee (especially if the individual has held the
position for decades) to capture and preserve the intricacies and tidbits
that can only be acquired by conducting an oral history.”

Rachael’s article will be interesting for librarians starting a new
position, librarians who are retiring and worry how the next person will
do, and anyone who saw the job posts in Libs-Or for the OSU Hatfield Marine
Center position, and wondered what working at this special library on the
beautiful Oregon coast would be like.  Perhaps it will have some tips you
can use someday in your career.  We hope you like it!
Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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