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 This Week's Topic: EMAIL

1. VIDEO ... The Problem with Moving Multiple Messages to Labeled Folders
2. ARTICLE ... The Problem with Moving Multiple Messages to Labeled Folders
3. COMMUNICATING ... Best way to screen phone calls


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Tech-Talk: EMAIL - The Problem with Moving Multiple Messages to Labeled Folders


I had been away on vacation for a week so my Gmail Inbox was overflowing! I wanted to move a bunch of messages all at once to the appropriate folders so that I could sort through them later.

I don't want them sitting in my inbox!

So, if I select one email at a time and use the "Move to" option, it works correctly.

However, I have a lot of email... so I take advantage of the Search tool <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001hw6NVz5e8LwedEwfFsH3Zp3ppJ3mq1N8pqEbCpF94PrF7vDGVchjyopbrm4_du9qqsK4fl2OwbYTsaDL-sZPF40TLuB7XG0HaJj3ZB1k_CH-W0kCqA_YwMTNIM7Ni4t6s_3YGOfTbE9TiUpikl67_QhP5LUzldNomiesvNHenanllYzgm0gYHMseMLzQBGrYUrYt4z3ndK2RL2xapoTXAg==&c=wW17NZkgrLt0u8_YrO73OKFdR8Tc8IoyjwPaE5B_rBab9Fbtx2QLtw==&ch=L9QQvtOmn3HX9-OLgzGrHrL4F5KW7hwQ2iw5qhAqKSYD18BymKOGXQ==> to find several messages in my Inbox from particular senders (e.g. all the email from BlueHost). This way I can move a large chunk of these at once.

But there's a problem! When you are in the list of email notes (instead of being within one) , the "Move to..." option isn't there! So, how can I move a bunch of messages from a Search all at once?

There is a way! Let's take a look at moving multiple messages to folders in both Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail: How to Move ONE Message to a Folder/Label

NOTE: Gmail calls what you may think of as a folder, a "label." In these steps we use folder and label interchangeably.

[move message]


... if you have email in your Gmail Inbox and want to move it to a Label, you can either:

1) Highlight an email individually, and drag it over to the label and release the mouse when the name changes colors.


[move message]

2) Check the box to the left of the email, go to the icon at the top that is a picture of a folder, and use the drop-down menu to select the label. Of course if you want to create a new label name you can select the "Create New" option.

In either case, the message will be moved OUT of your Inbox and INTO the particular label/folder.

Gmail: How to Move MULTIPLE Messages to Folders/Labels

There's a special trick that works wonderfully for moving a whole bunch of emails all at once to a folder / label. It's a two-step process that you can do in seconds!

Step #1: FIND all the messages you want to move to a new label


In the Search area, type...

·     From: (Be sure to put the colon ( : ) after the word "from".)

·     Then the name of sender. (In our example it's Ron Alvesteffer)


Check the box for each email you want to move to a label / folder.

·     To select more than one at once, check the top box, then hold the Shift key and check the last box. (All emails in between will be selected as well. )

·     If you have more then one page of messages, click the link at the top to "Select all conversations that match this search" option.

[label as]

To apply the label/folder to the list of messages that you have selected...

·     Click the icon for labels. Select the check box next to the appropriate folder name.

·     If you don't have a folder yet, you can use the Create new option.

Step #2: IMMEDIATELY, click on the Archive icon


You will notice that you now have two labels for each message: "Inbox" and the "Label Name". You want to eliminate the Inbox label.

IMMEDIATELY (before you go elsewhere) click on the Archive folder.


·     This removes the email from the Inbox and leaves them in the designated folder/label.

·     CAUTION: If you happen to click out of the search option and into the label/folder to view these messages, you won't see the Archive icon.

·     If this happens, select More and use the drop-down to choose Archive. This will remove the Inbox label, and leave the messages in the label / folder.

Outlook: How to Move Messages to Folders

Move One Message

·     Highlight the email and drag it on top of the folder. Release the mouse when the selected folder changes colors.

·     Or, highlight the message and go the toolbar and click on the Move Icon. If the folder you want does not appear in the list, choose the Other Folder option to find it.

[move message to folder]

Move Multiple Messages

Select the items you want to move.

·     You can select adjacent messages, by clicking the first one and then hold down Shift and click the last message. All messages between the first and last one you clicked will be selected.

·     You can select non-adjacent messages, by clicking the first message, and then holding down the Ctrl key, click each additional message one by one.

Then you can continue with the Outlook steps for individual messages. Either: 1) drag and drop the selected messages to the right folder, or 2) go to the Move icon in the toolbar and select the folder.

Move Multiple Messages After Searching

As with Gmail, you can use the Search box at the upper right of the Inbox to find messages from a specific sender or search by keywords.

Once you find the messages you want to move, highlight one (or many) with the processes outlined above and drag and drop or use the Move icon to re-locate to another folder.

[move message]


Communications: Phone
Best way to screen phone calls

Remember the last time you answered the phone and heard someone ask for a colleague, a boss, or another department? What do you do? You were in a position to connect them or not.

Did you hear something like:
·     May I talk to Lorraine, please?
·     Is Jordan there?

Remember how your protection factor kicked in ... or your curiosity? You may have said something like:
·     May I ask who is calling?
·     What is this regarding?
·     Who are you with?

These are "screening" questions. They shout, "Tell me about you and I'll decide if you're important enough to get put through."

There's a better way! What you say first shows whether or not you respect the person calling. How you respond is a reflection on your organization.

If the person being called is there, the very best thing to say is...

"Yes, may I tell him who's calling?"

Starting with"Yes" is the magic bullet. You've answered the question and indicated helpfulness.

Next, indicate that you are making it easier for the person being called, by asking "May I tell him who's calling?" (You get the name to satisfy your curiosity and the caller doesn't feel belittled.)

GOOD NEWS: You can still come back to the caller and say that it's not possible to be connected.
·     I'm sorry, he's not available at the moment.
·     He's stepped out of his office.
·     He suggested you call next week.

Want more on this? Here's a related Tech-Talk Tip.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001hw6NVz5e8LwedEwfFsH3Zp3ppJ3mq1N8pqEbCpF94PrF7vDGVchjyhFYe5IBw2P15qPSet4XrcjFFecyanEvOxQ_PcPO5uGNXeFqfppGje12cDFfXYt-HetoBWornYRhQqr2IcnfSFiRpg3lUzmVpgDIGNmAI9dFBnJkjPhAfh8UxbF3K-HB1unkcmIEaBOGUUraSWMPL04=&c=wW17NZkgrLt0u8_YrO73OKFdR8Tc8IoyjwPaE5B_rBab9Fbtx2QLtw==&ch=L9QQvtOmn3HX9-OLgzGrHrL4F5KW7hwQ2iw5qhAqKSYD18BymKOGXQ==>


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