[Libs-Or] Library Foundation donations

Leah Griffith leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov
Sat Aug 25 16:20:09 PDT 2018

Hi all, 

I'm looking at streamlining the monetary gifts to the public library and have them all go through the library's Foundation.   

Right now the Foundation only accepts gifts to its endowment or to a specific capital campaign effort.     Other donations for memorials or in honor of, or to purchase specific items are made to the City and go into a separate gift fund in the city's accounts, so it doesn't get mixed up with General Fund money.    But, it can get a little confusing for the public about who they should make their check out to or their online donation.   

I'm looking at the idea of having all monetary donations go to the Foundation and have the donor designate the Endowment or a specific area.   I've looked at Wilsonville and Eugene's online donor forms which give donors various options for where their money goes.     That looked like something that might work out.  Pat Duke, I'll be wanting to talk to you directly about it! 

Any thoughts on how a single donation location, the library foundation, works or doesn't work.   If you do it, does it work for you and the Foundation?  If you used to do it that way and quit, I really want to hear from you!    

Also,  if you do have the Foundation receive all the donations, do they turn around and write a check to the library/city so you can manage the purchasing of books and other items, or does the Foundation actually write those checks to Ingram or other vendors?  Sometimes I know the actual management of the funds can be the most complex. 

Thanks for any thoughts.  

Leah M. Griffith, Director
Newberg Public Library
503 E. Hancock Street     Newberg, OR   97132
P 503-537-1256

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