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ACRL-Oregon seeks to foster collaboration between academic librarians and
school librarians. The role of school librarians is vitally important and
is in many ways interrelated with the work of academic librarians and the
students we all serve.  This year ACRL-OR has up to $1000.00 of scholarship
funds still available to support projects.

*How can the scholarship be used?*
This funding opportunity covers any collaboration between at least one
school librarian and at least one academic librarian that the applicant(s)
can make a good case for. This includes, but is not limited to:

   - Sponsorship to attend, exhibit, or present at a relevant conference
   (OASL, regional conferences, or others)
   - Creation of programming, such as a conference, workshop, unconference,
   or pre-conference
   - Work on a collaborative research project
   -  Something else we haven’t thought of!

*Examples of past awards include:*

   - Paige Battle and Lori Wamsley
   - Delia Wallis and Jacquelyn Ray
   2016 (also published in OLA Quarterly here

*Who is eligible?*

   - All Oregon academic and certified teacher librarians who are employed
   in a school library
   - Preference will be given to teams that include at least one
   ACRL-Oregon member and one OASL member in good standing
   - Preference will also be given to applicants who have not previously
   received a School/Academic Librarian Collaboration Scholarship from

*Who is not eligible?*
Academic and school librarians outside of Oregon (unless part of a team of
collaborators that includes at least one Oregon librarian).

*How will applications be evaluated?*
Reviewers will look for applications that:

   - Have at least one applicant who is a member of ACRL-Oregon and one who
   is a member of OASL
   - Demonstrate meaningful collaboration between school and academic
   - Have the potential to favorably influence information literacy
   awareness/education in Oregon

Applications are due by *Sunday, April 1, 2018*.  Apply online here

For more information, please contact:

Steve Silver
ACRL-Oregon President, 2017-2018
Northwest Christian University
acrlor at olaweb.org

Communications Coordinator, ACRL-Oregon
Email:  acrlorcommunication at olaweb.org
Website:  http://acrloregon.org/
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