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Hi everyone,

The Governor's office released the following statement to the media
regarding the dismissal of State Librarian MaryKay Dahlgreen:

“MaryKay Dahlgreen fell short of clear and timely expectations from
legislators, and as a result of these performance issues, did not have the
Senate support necessary for confirmation. Once qualms about her
confirmation came to light, and in consideration of stability for State
Library staff and programming, the Governor’s office offered to pursue a
collaborative transition out of the role. Ms. Dahlgreen chose instead to be
terminated and leave the State Library under unplanned and immediate
circumstances. The State Library Board oversees the functions of the
institution, but since HB 3523 passed in the 2015 legislative session
reorganizing management of the State Library, personnel issues are handled
by the legislative and executive branches.

“The Governor strongly supports the mission of libraries and believes that
a strong leader in the State Library is key to effectively drive its
partner programming across the state. The Governor’s office will work to
recruit a highly qualified candidate that can deliver on the clear and
reasonable expectations for the State Library and the various educational
programs it oversees.”

Through our lobbyist Amanda Dalton, we have been having productive
conversations with the Governor's office. They have been hearing your
concerns, as have the Senators' offices. Amanda and I are scheduled to
speak with the Governor's staff tomorrow afternoon. We have been pleased
thus far that the Governor's office is committed to the mission of the
State Library and libraries generally. Right now, we also are optimistic
about future of the State Library and its staff. Caren Agata is an
excellent choice for interim director, as she will carry on the good work
that State Library employees have already been doing, and we're confident
that the Governor's staff, OLA, and the State Library Board will be working
together to ensure that we find a strong candidate to be the next State

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


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