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Subject: Northwest Archivists Annual Meeting Call for Submissions

The 2019 Northwest Archivists Annual Meeting will take place May 15-17 in Bozeman, Montana. The 2019 Program Committee seeks session proposals on all aspects of archival practice, theory, and research. To encourage the inclusion of more archivists, and our colleagues in related professions, we are forgoing a formal theme this year but are especially interested in topics that reach across the profession including those related to interactions, transitions, collaborations, and identifying/overcoming barriers.

Proposals will be evaluated based on their value to the archival profession, new or unique qualities and perspectives, and appropriateness for the intended audience.

We welcome proposals for sessions in traditional and nontraditional formats, including:

  *   Research Presentation. A traditional open session with 2-3 papers of about 15 minutes each and a comment and discussion period after the papers. You may also submit an individual paper presentation to the Program Committee.
  *   Panel Discussion. An open session with a panel of 3-4 individuals informally discussing a variety of theories or perspectives on the given topic.
  *   Roundtable. An open discussion anchored by brief, 5-7 minute presentations. Active participation encouraged.
  *   Lightning Talks. A fast-paced open session with many concise presentations delivered under a tight time limit.
  *   Workshop. A limited enrollment for a full or half-day session that allows interaction and focused instruction with participants. Workshops usually teach or refine archival skills. Workshops will be held May 15th.
  *   Poster. A visual presentation about research, technology, or process that usually incorporates both text and images. Poster presenters provide additional information and answer questions asked by those viewing the poster.
  *   Demonstration. A session demonstrating a technology, skill, or process. Please select Workshop (see above) for sessions requiring limited attendance due to supplies or focused attention by the session leader.
  *   Other. Please feel free to submit proposals that do not match any of the above. Describe the basic premise of the format and any logistical requirements. Also list any online resources that describe your session.

All are welcome to participate including those not employed as professional archivists including staff and volunteers, students, community organizers, researchers, creators and donors, and academics. As in years past, the Program Committee created a spreadsheet for interested individuals to find session collaborators, available here<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bGD4ZGocCiKAwDO-hgB4VfC0UlI0gvtMYYdlR1Kb-P0/edit?usp=sharing>.

DEADLINE for submission is January 18th, 2019. Please use the online submission form to submit your proposal at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecr1u_lNJF0by_R5a94CLyDfUXO6GVkekkM27LwxzLxhCRYg/viewform?usp=sf_link

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