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 This Week's Topic: OUTLOOK

1. VIDEO ... Create Instant Follow-ups
2. ARTICLE ... Create Instant Follow-ups
3. COMMUNICATING ... Use "even if" when promoting

[Outlook follow-up]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ylhlGynY36rJqJrjkDd1RCRh84OtGUMtAbxrdZ97Mf6Yx1j2onxqY6VpS9IDbHLJCYUuSkoBAfKOo4SsXhXfzlnP91T1m1jVIuevE6ULaisCJbdYzOWu6l1raVwag_eKj67f8PtL0R3ZVLH3Cjl-YalMCJhJRKqR73N4hlG0XEgJcGaAgSLWZUn7Kmz9lnxt&c=Fq6bGlZTQnNsgvcN7ntOurdMvSdvYYTaxkeDHa0uH_FFMUCM_zrs3A==&ch=puXCyoxAgRyxmMQsKf-HHoKPkQpWqwe5dsD5I3wySZ1e7z238YFOsA==>

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Outlook - Create Instant Follow-ups

I recently sent an email to a colleague asking her for something. Then I turned around and created a task reminder so that I could remember to follow up -- so that it didn't get missed.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create that reminder at the same time I sent the email – all in ONE step? Well... in Outlook there is a way to do this!


For example, if you are sending an email to a colleague requesting their feedback on a project by Thursday, you might also add a "to-do" or action item in your calendar related to the email. This way you can prompt yourself on the due date to make sure you received the feedback.

Normally, you would: 1) Send the email, and then 2) Create the calendar/task item. However, if you were to use the "Follow Up" function in Outlook when you are sending the email initially, you could do both things at the same time.

Outlook even makes it possible to encourage your email recipient to respond to your message … and can even remind them of certain actions that need to be taken by adding a "follow-up" to the email message that you send.

Outlook Flags and Message Reminders

There are three different choices for using the "Follow Up" tool. It can set up reminders when sending a message in Outlook for:

1.  Yourself alone
2.  The person you are sending the email to
3.  Both you and the email recipient

Flag a Message for Yourself

When you Flag an email that you are sending to someone else -- as a reminder for YOURSELF -- you can set a start and end date for a task that will be created in your to-do list -- in My Tasks. Additionally, you can add a task Reminder date and time.

In Outlook:

·     Create a New email message.
·     In the Message tab click the Follow Up drop-down arrow.
·     Choose Add Reminder from the menu.

[Outlook follow-up]

·     A Custom box will open.
·     Check the Flag for Me box.
·     You have choices in the Flag to list such as: Follow up, For Your Information, Forward, Read, Reply, Review, etc. Select one from the drop-down list.
·     Specify a Start and End date.
·     Optional: Check the Reminder box and add the date that you would like to be reminded of this action/task.


Send a Reminder to Your Email Recipient

Just as you created an email reminder for yourself, you can create one for the person to whom you are sending the email -- at the same time. CAUTION: Make sure that the relationship that you have with this person is amenable to reminders. Some people may not appreciate a prompt from you.

·     Follow the steps above except that you would check the Flag for Recipients box in addition to (or instead of) the Flag for Me box.
·     You can also set a Reminder for the recipient, with a date and time.
·     When the recipient receives the email, a "flag" and reminder will be displayed with the message.

TIP: A "softer" option would be to send a message that is flagged with one of the follow-up choices to add urgency, but do not add a recipient "reminder".


Communication: Writing
Even if ...

Even if you don't like marketing, you're always selling. You sell your children on the idea of getting a good education. You sell your family on going on a picnic. You sell yourself on working out to get fit.

Libraries, schools and small businesses are often trying to promote a program, enticing people to participate and educating their audiences on a specific idea. So you want to use the words that will have them sit up and take notice, right?

Here are a few slogans we found on the web that other libraries and schools have used.

Discover the Possibilities

Open Your World

Pump Up Your Chances of a Great Year. Vote for Me.


Pretty strong, right?

Now see how they feel when you add "even if" statements.

Discover the Possibilities Even If You're Time Challenged

Open Your World Even If You Don't Like to Travel

Pump Up Your Chances of a Great Year. Vote for Me
Even If You Don't Like Working Out.


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