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Library Board News

State Library Board Meeting October 19, 2018

The next State Library Meeting will be at the Wilsonville Public Library, Wilsonville OR. The meeting will include a State Library recruitment update as well as the recommendations of the LSTA Advisory Council and the appointments to the Board Advisory Councils.

State Library News

You Never Know Where a Reference Question is Going to Take You

A few weeks back reference staff were contacted and were asked what for us, was a somewhat unusual question.  We were asked if we could locate descendants of a former member of the Oregon National Guard.  The State Library doesn't field a lot of genealogical questions and it's very rare to receive one from a state agency.  But, we quickly accepted the challenge.

The Oregon Military Department was in the process of dedicating their headquarters building here in Salem and the building was to be named after Major General George Ared White.

Major General White served as the Adjutant General of the Oregon National Guard as well as serving in both the Mexican Expedition against revolutionary Pancho Villa as well as in World War I.  General White was instrumental to the development and the building of the reputation of the Oregon National Guard earning the title of "Oregon First" in response to Oregon's overnight mobilization of the National Guard heading into the first World War. He was a close associate and aide to General John Pershing as well as a friend and associate with General George Marshall who sent a "get well" communication to Major General White just before his death.  Following World War I, he was among a group of individuals credited with the founding of the American Legion serving as that organization's first national vice commander. In addition, he was the author of 4 books and served as city and Sunday editor for the Oregonian newspaper. He passed away just before the entry of the United States into World War II in November 1941.

Reference Librarian Jerry Curry and Document Delivery Coordinator, Sara Belousek, unleashed their inner genealogists and were able to identify a number of surviving family members for the Military Department to contact and invite to the dedication ceremony.  A total of 11 family members ranging from great granddaughters to great nieces were able to attend.  Some of these family members were meeting for the very first time. State Library staff were issued a special invitation to attend the ceremony and our efforts were specifically mentioned during the proceedings.   Family members brought items belonging to Major General White including his dress sword and an invitation to dine at the White House by then President Calvin Coolidge.

It was quite a proud moment for the State Library to play a role in what was a very important day for our Military Department.  I guess it just goes to show that, "you just never know where a reference question is going to take you and the invitation that might come about as a result".

New Youth Materials Available at Many Oregon Public Libraries

New, diverse, high quality books and other materials are now (or will soon be) available for patrons at Oregon public libraries across the state, thanks to a mini-grant opportunity funded through Oregon's Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Program. Refreshing Youth Collections mini-grants of $3,000 were awarded to 73 of Oregon's small and midsize libraries for the purposes of purchasing award winning books for children and teens. Over 18,000 new books have been added to public libraries' collections in every corner of our state - an average of over 250 new titles per library! This funding opportunity specifically focused on libraries serving populations of 50,000 or less, and over half of the public libraries in Oregon applied for and received these funds.

A wealth of feedback was gathered from the public library community during this process which will help inform future mini-grant programs funded through the State Library of Oregon's LSTA Program. One recipient expressed the grant's impact as having positive outcomes for their library's programming and use of space: "Many books in our collection are old, in poor condition or no longer circulate. Getting all of these new books not only lets our patrons have more choices, it has also afforded us the opportunity to weed our collection which will allow us to re-arrange the library and create spaces for programming."

Another library director shared this perspective: "We now have 300 new diverse, highly regarded titles for our collection! This is going to help ensure that every child in our community sees themselves reflected in their library."

The Refreshing Youth Collections project is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the State Library of Oregon.

Welcome Maddy!

At the end of August the Talking Book and Braille Library welcomed Maddy Sardina to the State Library.  Maddy is a Circulation Technician with Talking Books, helping to process all the books and equipment for users.  She comes to us from the library at Santa Fe University of Art & Design, where she started as a work-study employee and was later promoted to Access Services Librarian.  Maddy loves to write and read, especially Magical Realism.  Her favorite thing to do is curl up on a rainy day with a good book!

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