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Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of Tech-Talk!

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 This Week's Topic: WORD & PPT

1. VIDEO ... Manipulating Bullet Color and Size
2. ARTICLE ... Manipulating Bullet Color and Size
3. COMMUNICATING ... Switching three little letters means a lot!

[change bullet color]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001E_0btZSfu2y1vvkTV-6oTyHVi65-54HMaDqO1MVJ5bDuqvbcmvZJeRJmz_ZAo62msaBVLcMpSahF_CBa1kmBIeJ258iq9KAb5Er0nvqq81CBpkq4Olmkaq_51qogk7ClAby89wUEbHZEVfG_G_yqkkmDRkwj5Ot7WyuQWS9_T-X3Q40gFDUWHvxDB830ObdjUH1MN_eS69Q=&c=mquIgrAGissxQ83aH8IJQV-PtqCx6_sO8AjRESCtKDfkf4wa2YTZRA==&ch=8_rlR_UtWypdVHDUaR1rwWvJpkOoVJuUKXKddypIZVSoinohF_hdTw==>

Photo by Lydia Winters<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001E_0btZSfu2y1vvkTV-6oTyHVi65-54HMaDqO1MVJ5bDuqvbcmvZJeRJmz_ZAo62modY7NaUdMxGbQF7RT_FOgEhWEMdRyBtF4ih69DPcqwPh7yZHfoxM4wPHwsAjX_gQsOR92vpCNe2NzB9Ej-4iOIS0gnEndy0Pq4u1nrB-zcEMfHidFktEh8kYzp8Fvq7W1acwFUVqJj1muHe73NPFxNsSG_Bpp5hV1dq_H1ptKFhkQHakgKc549aKjOGK2yQxtgfvovLgKEPLPwbvDHOCSQ==&c=mquIgrAGissxQ83aH8IJQV-PtqCx6_sO8AjRESCtKDfkf4wa2YTZRA==&ch=8_rlR_UtWypdVHDUaR1rwWvJpkOoVJuUKXKddypIZVSoinohF_hdTw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001E_0btZSfu2y1vvkTV-6oTyHVi65-54HMaDqO1MVJ5bDuqvbcmvZJeRJmz_ZAo62mD--hMgd6NHgGE-fFg2G0NsYBdZOdgmm5NMKQyW-lOUx46Uz0Z-gQ4FnYSuTnz2VwCi4jnVEBo5M25UvUqLKV4fupnriBrqeDjEdbnBMJ-qbGYYsTdKcZFfWnei--Tf7Mkn2lflJzhMgPZtpR0ee-vkhERRrUFSLPMJWe1F56UEVcNwSLtO4vfGO-1dN4C8Ttkzp4hESEEslGi7MgrWHTZQ==&c=mquIgrAGissxQ83aH8IJQV-PtqCx6_sO8AjRESCtKDfkf4wa2YTZRA==&ch=8_rlR_UtWypdVHDUaR1rwWvJpkOoVJuUKXKddypIZVSoinohF_hdTw==>

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[State of Oregon]

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WORD & PPT -- Manipulating Bullet Color and Size

[bullet color]

I was creating a flyer in Word and wanted to punch it up a bit by matching the bullet color to a shade in the image on the page ... instead of the text. I wanted the font color to be brown, but the symbol to be orange.

Now, if I wanted the bullet to be the same color as the words, this wouldn't be an issue. I could change the text font, and the bullet would change with it.

However, when you want the color and size of the image to be different from the text, there's a trick you can do to override the default settings.

Change the Bullet Color and Size in Word

If you want to change the formatting of bullets (or numbers) in a list without making changes to the text in the list, you'd probably try to find this option in the bullet settings from the menu. However, the solution is actually in where you click on the page.

[change bullet color]

·     After you've created your bulleted (or numbered) list, click on top of the bullet to highlight the list of bullets (or numbers.) You'll see the list of bullets highlighted in gray.

·     Just as you use the Font menu in the Home tab to change text attributes, this is where you make changes to the bullet color and size.

·     Adjust the size and color of the bullet without making any changes to the text beside it.

Change the Bullet Color and Size in PowerPoint

You would think that both Word and PowerPoint have the same settings when it comes to working with text and lists, but not all functions are similar. For some reason, in PowerPoint, the place that you go to change the color and size of a bullet (or numbered) list is where you would expect it -- in the bullet settings.

To change the color or size of a bullet in PowerPoint:

·     After you've created your bulleted (or numbered) list, highlight it and then in the Home tab, go to the bullet setting and click the down arrow next to it.

·     Choose Bullets and Numbering from the bottom of the window.

[PPT - change bullet color]

[make bullet color changes]

·     In the bottom of the new window you'll see a place to change the color and size of the text.

·     Make your changes and click OK.

It's that easy!

NOTE: In that window that opens you’ll see one tab for working in bullets and another if your list is numbered.


Communication: Talking
Switch 3 little letters to change the world

How you deliver constructive criticism can be helpful … or demoralizing. You have to be careful with the words you choose. There's one trick that will make a big difference.
True Story

Imagine receiving criticism on national television. That's what happens with shows like Dancing With the Stars … and the new one, Dancing With the Stars, Juniors.

So, in watching the debut of the Juniors show, I hear the judges say:

"I can see you counting when you're dancing. But you did a great job."

"I want to see you focus on technique. Other than that, you did well."

Clearly, the judges want to be gentle and kind with the young dancers. So they start with the critique and end with a positive. However, I don’t think it worked the way they intended.

They missed a big opportunity when they used negative connectors in trying to end on a high note. (These were "but" and "other than that".)

Just changing these connectors to "and" would dramatically change the reception of the message into something far more positive.

"I can see you counting when you're dancing. AND you did a great job."

"I want to see you focus on technique. AND, you did well."

Can you feel the difference?

Using "and" instead of "but" doesn't change the message; it lets the recipient hear (and remember) the positive part of the message!


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 This Week's Topic: APP

1. VIDEO ... Easy, Exceptional Photo Editing with Snapseed
2. ARTICLE ... Easy, Exceptional Photo Editing with Snapseed
3. COMMUNICATING ... When should you "smize"?


Photo by Gabby Orcutt<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019YpUBH-bfPKbzXj8Nr1g6In43QBIor9S6XjDpwi9vN8bOfvCb8t28yTdrU0DuucZ1IgJYvZp8H9IN6DRG4hx3cdi1nSr7IDt4X2LTKvKgPcn_7zvQa3eWZl08OVmvHV9msurZvGvAClmKBP9-CFi40MkP6KHS5ZJ4c06k-W9taYWYv-Rd-k4fXJFFN8IJiaharQN7znUpxR8R1TU_FzwpwpvYngcevESWrOj6mxClbLLvWF-ei0So0HGZ_L03dmpi0SCmAWzEErsvedwNyfIWA==&c=UrX4UJrjGaV6C_PiZfJRd2Y70T6CPJE-vRitRgbzOQpTd3VgAq0DVw==&ch=R8Oa-shdncOiGKuAuncKfNrzT8I3U7pA4wzL9T0252DwGEvMn-YmEQ==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019YpUBH-bfPKbzXj8Nr1g6In43QBIor9S6XjDpwi9vN8bOfvCb8t28yTdrU0DuucZ52uO9y0ejZo-AtONeg023hMAH7RRhggyVLnsCcxu07Cd0wfbik7hbjMYd_ckxJVxng8FgLvzl30DTwSi8vDcaDMTE29kO1MCyKfIlZxLygoSAOSg_LP9xZD7hGF0NvUGIR0FZyNxlh430WIeWq3N9ZhhPeX7a1bxyc_6a4g0Cs69typ_CdKlw1X5zUpKJwJbYDGhpDRGDzXLxMdf0wVi-y2j_EG05SU2t9DG8LxVrFAD9-vTC-gQ0wAmY59z0DgnsuDU3QZu57Vvfew9mkwGIVuhV_4tx0wg&c=UrX4UJrjGaV6C_PiZfJRd2Y70T6CPJE-vRitRgbzOQpTd3VgAq0DVw==&ch=R8Oa-shdncOiGKuAuncKfNrzT8I3U7pA4wzL9T0252DwGEvMn-YmEQ==>

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MOBILE APP – Easy, Exceptional Photo Editing with Snapseed


Recently I attended a women's outdoor event and took a "Smartphone Photography" class. The instructor, a professional photographer, gave us a brief overview on composition, lighting, placement of the subject, etc... However, the one "golden nugget" I got from the class was the recommendation of a free app called Snapseed.

Even though iPhones and Androids have photo editing tools built within the camera tool, this app can quickly take a blah photo and make it stunning.

Snapseed was developed by Nik Software originally for iPad photo editing. In 2012 Google saw the potential and acquired it. Now Snapseed is available for both iPhones and Androids and has been downloaded over 50 Million times.

What Makes Snapseed So Popular?

[Snapseed app]

As a free app, the ease of use and sheer amount of photo enhancing options available -- right from your phone -- makes it practical for anyone who takes pictures.

Besides standard editing functions like crop and brightness, Snapseed has over 29 tools and filters available including:

·     Crop and Rotate
·     Tune image to adjust exposure and color automatically
·     Brush to selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth
·     Healing to remove the uninvited intruder from a group picture
·     Vignette to add a soft darkness around the corners
·     Add Text in both stylized or plain
·     And many other affects like Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Drama, Grunge, Vintage… as well as Face Enhance for those selfies!

[Open image]

Get Started with Snapseed

Open the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad or Google Play for Android. Search for the Snapseed app and download it.

·     To edit an image in Snapseed, open the app and click the + sign to begin.
·     You can pick a picture from your camera roll or take one right from inside the app.

[open image]

Once you open the image you'd like to edit, click on the Tools link in the bottom center of the screen to access the menu of editing choices. TIP: Be sure to scroll down for all options.


Depending on the tool you open, you will have editing choices. Each one has its own display of options and can work differently, but many work like this:


1.  Click the icon at the bottom to see the menu of choices (or tap on the screen). Slide your finger up or down to choose one of the options.
2.  For example, in the image to the right, we selected Brightness. In the top of the screen slide the bar to the left or the right to adjust the effect you are editing.
3.  To see a "before" and "after" comparison, tap the icon in the upper right and hold to view the before, release for the current edit.
4.  If you like the edits and want to move on to other options, click the check mark in the bottom right.
5.  If you don't like the edits and want to delete them, click the X in the lower left.

You'll then be taken back to the main screen where you can select Tools again to continue with other image enhancement choices.

[save the image]

When you are done editing, click the Export link in the bottom right. You'll see options to:

·     Share through another app on your phone (text, email, Facebook, etc,)
·     Open in another app
·     Save with changes you can undo
·     Save a copy of the image -- so you have both the original and edited version
·     Export as a .jpg -- it will overwrite the original image

Too Many Options? Start with the Basics

Going back to the Smartphone class, the instructor showed us many of the dramatic changes we could make to our images with Snapseed. But also noted a few basic edits that you can make quickly to greatly enhance a photo.

Tune Image - If you do one thing to an image, this is it - Tune Image. This editing option gives you the power to individually adjust Brightness, Contrast, Ambiance, Saturation, Shadows, Highlights and Warmth settings. A few of these options can be all your image needs.

For example, we used the Brightness, Contrast and Shadows edits in Tune image to brighten and enhance this photo below. That's it -- just one area of Snapseed's editing tools to save this dark and shadowy image.


Detail - In addition to Tuning your image, inside the Details tool the Sharpening option helps to refine and polish your picture -- and make a big impact.

If You Have More Time…

Brush -- You can change one part of the image without altering the rest by painting over a part of the photo. In the image below, in addition to using the Tune Image tool to brighten and lighten the shadowed areas, we "brushed" the water to enhance the shade of blue.

[brush image]

Healing -- Even the best picture may have an element that you want to eliminate. You can tap on the healing option until it morphs into the shot you wanted in the first place.

Vignette -- Add a vignette effect to soften the corners of the picture.

Remember, the object is to enhance your images, but be careful not to over-edit them.


Communication: Facial
When should you "smize"?

Have you ever seen someone have a smile on their face, but their eyes were cold, blank or angry?

A smile is more than upward lips. In fact, you can dance and smile with your eyes only. And that's when your face really comes alive.

Try it. Don't worry about your mouth, just your eyes. In your head, think "smize".

This made-up word is a Tyra-ism. Tyra Banks of America's Next Top Model is an avid supporter of communicating with your eyes.

So, to enliven your looks ... to appear approachable ... smize.

When you do this, you take the blank or stern look off your face so that people are more receptive to you.

When should you smize? It's not just for photos (which is a great time to smize for sure), but in meetings and when talking with someone one on one.

Then, even if you're not part of the conversation, you'll be communicating a positive message: I'm here, listening and willing to communicate.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019YpUBH-bfPKbzXj8Nr1g6In43QBIor9S6XjDpwi9vN8bOfvCb8t285CMHM-wORlmJPj0cYzPt45VH5BMQEmRNP9J0VUI49hVHc08aPZswL8-wx5onRPJdMJPSt9yQOdqO85hJGnMQ_fZEVDfaJ4-JZYtz0A1If4o_Bk-SgCaUNY=&c=UrX4UJrjGaV6C_PiZfJRd2Y70T6CPJE-vRitRgbzOQpTd3VgAq0DVw==&ch=R8Oa-shdncOiGKuAuncKfNrzT8I3U7pA4wzL9T0252DwGEvMn-YmEQ==>

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