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Let other people book time in your calendar automatically


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 This Week's Topic: WEB TOOL
1. VIDEO ... Scheduling Meetings Automatically with Calendly
2. ARTICLE ... Scheduling Meetings Automatically with Calendly
3. COMMUNICATING ... Clarity is powerful


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WEB TOOL - Automated Calendar Scheduling


You know how many times you have to go back and forth when you're trying to schedule a meeting, right?

It can be crazy!

For example, we've started giving away free Tech-Talk webinars to our readers so that you could see the many new changes we've made in the Tech-Talk Database. (www.Tech-Talk.com<http://www.Tech-Talk.com>)

Normally, this would mean a lot of emails and phone calls back and forth to get the right dates and time.

So instead of playing phone (or email) "tag" to get these webinars scheduled... we looked for automated calendar scheduling options. There are many platforms out there. We just wanted a basic tool without having to pay for bells and whistles we would never use.

Hooray! We found an online web tool called Calendly where all we have to do is add a link to an email and then you pick a date and time that works with your calendar!

The great part is this tool uses our calendar and shows open time slots (based on a time range we set up). Then, boom! Once an appointment is scheduled, we both receive confirming emails.

If you are in the business trying to let people get on your calendar ... Calendly can help stop the needless back and forth in trying to nail down a good time to meet.

NOTE: If you're trying to coordinate a session with a group of people, you can upgrade to the paid version (low monthly fee) or check out these other free tools we've written about earlier ... which you can find in the Tech-Talk Database:

·     When2Meet.com (See here for Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001R_u0RP2xEq4MPtcWJlTxus_CdXr1j2U0yShfgO39TMjEd9a0u4RXynNLZmHclmDJ9pCZh4ZUhxywkqy3vEmh1D6xAjGASBGVBoHoLp3fdNIeRiXZsvFMM6FhCKhGx3UNZeQrjwftc0xabY-G46YS3KkerAgJvnQnBd4qjEsMCqYR_wJmSJNYWA==&c=XUCVN2fWQlurg0odVfgxbuh2HGSrXZTwk2MOC-GC_yam2qPc5dVxSQ==&ch=MvdpxyB87ntw0nqDsmsV6Q5gvBFOPYHXcyH1Ddmp37Z1_omxXJp-KA==>)
·     Doodle.com (See here for Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001R_u0RP2xEq4MPtcWJlTxus_CdXr1j2U0yShfgO39TMjEd9a0u4RXynNLZmHclmDJOHFWDg9Uqt4Ddc_0-_aQbVPx21QcX_tSmrQthSWjw70BnMyIuRIiC9qS8OWfyZMRZZXZGzuQ9yf5PlqRnMzRYRjNuySFlQ0kg7j1s2Ah3TFfwCHh_BLsgA==&c=XUCVN2fWQlurg0odVfgxbuh2HGSrXZTwk2MOC-GC_yam2qPc5dVxSQ==&ch=MvdpxyB87ntw0nqDsmsV6Q5gvBFOPYHXcyH1Ddmp37Z1_omxXJp-KA==>)

Let's Take a Look at What Calendly Can Do

Calendly is a simple automated scheduling tool, with one big difference in terminology. Every booking on your calendar is an "event". You can have an unlimited number of these.

However, Calendly also has something they call an "event type". The basic version only allows one type of event (which you can use over and over again). Here's the secret: each event type has a name. That's how you can tell how many event types you have.

In the example below, you'll see five event types: two that we've created (Egalitarian Leadership Call and Tech-Talk) and three that Calendly provides as templates (named 15 Minute Meeting, 30 Minute Meeting, 60 Minute Meeting). Each of these is an event type ... and only ONE can be active in the basic level account ... at any time.

NOTE: It's possible to switch one off and turn on another. Below, you can see that the event type "Tech-Talk" is active because of the red line and the "copy link" option.


To get started with your Calendly account...

·     Create your free (or low cost) account at https://calendly.com.

·     Set up event type(s), or use their pre-determined ones to get started (as noted above).

·     Walk through the options for customization... like adding questions to the event form, notification choice and setting a confirmation page.

TIP: Use the Invitee Questions section to gather valuable information that will make your meeting more productive. For example, you could ask "Is there anything specific you'd like to talk about?"


·     Next, you'll go through the steps to connect your preferred calendar... like Google, Office 365, Outlook or Salesforce calendars. This is the heart of how this system works. Calendly looks at your calendar to determine open time slots and then automatically books them ... with the event showing up in your calendar instantly!

·     Select your availability times. You'll tell Calendly what days and times you want to make available on a regular basis, such as weekdays, 9-5. Or you may want only Monday afternoons between 1 and 5 pm, Tuesdays from 8 -11 am and 2-4 pm and Fridays from 1-5 pm. You choose!

·     Don't worry, if you have a scheduled event in your calendar during any of these time spans, Calendly will not display that slot as an available time for someone to book.

·     NOTE: If you're in the habit of slotting in "to do's" on your calendar (actions that are not real appointments such as "organize my files" from 2-3 pm), these holding times will show up as blocked to others and will not appear as open time slots.

After you go through the basic account setup, you can:

Share your event link with others via email, text or a website page. Then let them pick a time for the meeting. The calendar options show in their time zone.

You can also put the link in your email signature if you want to make getting on your calendar especially easy.

When someone clicks on your link, they see your event name (Tech-Talk), the length of time (60 minutes), the description along with the days and times when you are available. The participant then books a slot based on your open availability.


IMPORTANT: When someone schedules a meeting...
1.  You receive a notice in your email with all the event details.
2.  The person who scheduled the meeting gets a confirming note.
3.  AND, it appears on your calendar instantly!


·     If you want reminder emails to be sent automatically before each event, you'll need to upgrade to Premium or Pro. Then you can customize when you want the reminder emails sent out… like one day, eight hours, one hour before the meeting.


Clarity is powerful

Whether it's a project, an idea or a request, effective communication depends on how clear you are about it ... consciously and subconsciously.

Here's a principle of life that can make a powerful difference when you examine what you really want ... at any level, large and small.

The clearer you are about what you want,
the easier it is to attract.

How do you get clearer? If you can say what you want out loud, in a short sentence, you gain clarity. If you can write it down in a brief sentence, you clarify the issue.

If what you want is so vague that you just think it, and the words are there yet, perhaps it still needs articulating out loud to be clear.

Here are some variations on the theme...

The clearer you are about what you want,
the easier it is to achieve.

The clearer you are about what you want,
the easier it is to explain to others.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001R_u0RP2xEq4MPtcWJlTxus_CdXr1j2U0yShfgO39TMjEd9a0u4RXymc8coMDGrQ50gbPvWegAwwZOYgP2ukpfRumYjV9C1v5auMTEXF-3vb8xm0uFAEpJlvbvoEbLtMn9u2LAcj5pYaUX7xYNB7dykso0VP4iwuR41Di2CfW1Ic=&c=XUCVN2fWQlurg0odVfgxbuh2HGSrXZTwk2MOC-GC_yam2qPc5dVxSQ==&ch=MvdpxyB87ntw0nqDsmsV6Q5gvBFOPYHXcyH1Ddmp37Z1_omxXJp-KA==>

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