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Hi all-
I echo the call for Debbie Reese to be a speaker, but, honestly, I think it would be just as important to have a white person talk about this issue -as well-. We who are white need to stop expecting people of color to tell us what to do and how to do it. I’d encourage OLA to invite someone else— I think about someone like Jessica Campbell, someone who some of you know, she’s co-Director of Oregon’s Rural Organizing Project and can speak incredibly eloquently about issues of racism and other systems of oppression. Plus, she grew up, and lives in, Cottage Grove and thus she is intimately familiar with the complex context that is Oregon.  For her- and the ROP- having healthy rural communities includes many things, including libraries.


“If you haven’t been exiled for seeking to liberate, then you aren’t trying hard enough. You need to do some soul work about why you haven’t been exiled from SOME community [for seeking to liberate].” -Dr. Larycia Hawkins @ the Wild Goose Festival while in conversation with Barbara Brown Taylor


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On Nov 2, 2019, at 5:17 PM, Stephanie Debner <stephanie.debner at gmail.com> wrote:

Many thanks to Dr. Reese for working with ALA to make her lecture available from behind the paywall and many thanks to Max Macias for forwarding Dr. Reese's email with the link to the lecture. Thanks also to Meredith Farkas for providing the link and sharing her letter to the editor, and to others who have created conversation here. I hope that many take the opportunity to read what Dr. Reese said at the Arbuthnot Honor Lecture.

I'd like to amplify Max's suggestion that Dr. Reese be invited to speak in the near future. Since the theme of the OLA 2020 conference is "Equity, Diversity, Inclusion", it seems like perfect timing as the conference committee is working on programming decisions.

Stephanie Debner

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