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I want to offer a contrary view to the concerns of Macias and Farkas.  I thought McNeil's essay provided a good balance to the issue (it was hardly anti-inclusion) but it did recognize the complexity of this topic, and how it all-to-often leads to "us versus them" thinking.  I do not want opinions that challenge the current orthodoxy silenced, and McNeil should be free to criticize Debbie Reese or anyone else with whom she has a differing opinion.

The point to  diversity is hearing different opinions-not silencing them.

Tony Greiner

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Dear OLA Colleagues,

I am writing in response to the conversation surrounding the Oregon Library
Association Quarterly (OLAQ) Summer issue, 25(2).  I understand the
concerns Max Macias, Meredith Farkas, and others have expressed about the
final article in the issue, ?Yes, but ? One Librarian?s Thoughts About
Doing It Right? and agree with the valid criticism that the OLAQ editorial
standards need to be strengthened.

As the guest editor of this issue, I take responsibility for choosing the
theme, reviewing proposals, selecting contributors, and reading the first
draft of the authors' submissions before passing them on to the editorial
team.  My goal is to provide a forum for a variety of voices on the topic
of equity, diversity and inclusion in Oregon libraries, including library
type, career experience, and geographic location within the state. I missed
my responsibility to more critically reflect on the article by Heather
McNeil and engage the author in an editorial conversation, particularly in
relation to her commentary on Dr. Debbie Reese?s 2018 May Hill Arbuthnot
Lecture, An Indigenous Critique of Whiteness in Children?s Literature.  I
am sorry for the impact and distress it has caused.

I want to thank Meredith Farkas for her letter to the OLAQ editorial board,
which has provided an opportunity for critical reflection which will
strengthen the OLAQ, one of OLA?s most important venues for professional
discourse.  Yes, the editorial team of the OLAQ needs to better develop the
journal?s editorial standards and are already beginning to address them.

The conversations we are having surrounding equity, diversity, and
inclusion are challenging and necessary. The Oregon Library Association has
much to learn as an organization and understands open dialogue and
constructive criticism help OLA grow as an association.  I look forward to
our continuing dialogue on equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Elaine Hirsch

OLAQ 25(2) Guest Editor

OLA President, 2019-2020

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