[Libs-Or] Limited Internet access in your area?

Buzzy Nielsen, OLA Legislative Committee Chair ldlcchair at olaweb.org
Wed Apr 15 11:18:05 PDT 2020

Sorry, folks, you're going to get sick of hearing from me today!

Anyway, over the past several years, OLA has been working with the
Legislature and Oregon Broadband Office to increase access to high-speed
Internet in areas where it's lacking, mainly rural Oregon.

This pandemic has put the digital divide in stark relief, especially as
students' continued education depends on them having reliable access to the
Internet. We've seen this in my own county, Crook, where we have areas that
have no broadband options at all, and several low income households that
can't afford the expensive offerings we do have.

Are you experiencing issues like this in your area? If so, please let me
know, detailing how it's affecting your community. If your library, school,
or other local governments are doing something to help lessen the divide,
that would be great to hear, too. We'll be sharing this information with
the Legislature and Broadband Office to help demonstrate the need for more
investment in broadband infrastructure and where to target it.

Thanks for your help with this project! I hope that you're all staying safe
and healthy.


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