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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
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 This Week's Topic: EXCEL / Google Sheets

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Quick Column (or Row) AutoFit
2. COMMUNICATING ... Be respectful, mute yourself
3. LEADERSHIP ... Ask: What is "one thing"

[column adjustments]

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EXCEL / Google Sheets - Quick Column (or Row) AutoFit


I downloaded a .csv file the other day ... and of course, all the columns were squished together. Most of the columns had content that spilled over the width of it, so it was not at all readable.

Before I learned the tips we're sharing today, I would manually drag each column wide enough to see all of the data clearly. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of columns!

Then I had one of those "duh" moments and realized that I could re-size (AutoFit) all columns (or rows) at once with a quick shortcut. AutoFit means that the width of the column will be adjusted to fit the contents of the cell "automatically." The same is true for row height.

How to AutoFit One or All Columns

If you want to quickly adjust one or every column in your spreadsheet, there are two ways to do this depending on how you like to you work. Some people tend to "remember" shortcuts easily, while others rely on prompts from the toolbar/ribbon. See which way works best for you.

[highlight all]

Shortcut to AutoFit Columns

·     Either click the Select All button (the triangle above row 1 and to the left of column A), or highlight the columns you want to AutoFit.
·     Hover your cursor between any of the columns (it doesn't matter which ones) and when you see the vertical line with a double-arrow going through it, double-click.
·     That activates the Autofit. All of the columns will expand to fit the longest entry.


Use the Command in the Ribbon to AutoFit Columns

·     Select the columns that you want to widen by highlighting them.
·     On the Home tab, in the Cells section, click on the Format icon and in the drop-down window select AutoFit Column Width.

That's it! All the columns you selected will now adjust to the widest entry.

[autofit column width]

How to AutoFit One or More Rows

The process is the same for adjusting the rows to be the right height for your content so that you won't have partial letters showing.


Shortcut to AutoFit Rows

·     Either click the Select All button (the triangle above row 1 and to the left of column A), or highlight the rows you want to AutoFit.
·     Hover your cursor between any of the rows (it doesn't matter which ones) and when you see the resize row cursor, double-click.

Use the Command in the Ribbon to AutoFit Rows

·     Select the rows that you want to heighten by highlighting them.
·     On the Home tab, in the Cells section, click on the Format icon and from the drop-down window, click on AutoFit Row Height.

In either case, your rows will now be adjusted to accommodate the tallest entry.

AutoFit in Google Sheets

The same shortcut concept works in columns and rows in Google Sheets.

·     Hover your cursor between any of the columns (or rows).
·     Your cursor will turn into a line with arrows on each side. Double-click and the column (or row) will adjust to fit the contents of the cell.
·     To change all at cells at once -- highlight all of the cells (or use Ctrl + A) and then click on any line in between columns or rows and it will adjust all at once.



Communications: Online Meetings
Be respectful, mute yourself

As more and more people start to join group meetings online (using such web tools as Zoom, Microsoft's Teams, GoToMeeting), there is a need to develop a few protocols for communicating.

Connecting digitally in this way opens up new problems and opportunities. A concern we hear is that the group sessions get noisy. One of the biggest distractions is background noise.

What you may not realize is that the sounds around you actually get amplified to the other people on the call. That means that the other people in your group hear it MORE than you do! So if the TV is on in another room (you can barely hear it) it will be heard by the others on the call, more loudly. If you have a friend, spouse or child come in the room and quietly ask a question, it will be shared on the call. If the dog is barking at your neighbor's, everyone will hear it.

There IS a solution. Mute yourself. Keep yourself on mute and just un-mute when you want to ask a questions or contribute to the conversation.

It's polite. It's considerate. It's effective!


Ask: What is "one thing"

As we talk about valuing the talent and insight of everyone at work regardless of position, here's a question you can ask of your team.

"What is one thing we could do to _______?"

You fill in the blank. Have the words you choose be specific to the role you play in the organization.

For example…

·     What is one thing we could do to get greater attendance at this event?
·     What is one thing we could do to feel more connected to each other?
·     What is one thing we could do to make our social studies class more exciting?
·     What is one thing we could do to increase funding for this program?
·     What is one thing we could do to make our facilities more inviting?
·     What is one thing we could do to make the meals we serve be healthy and delicious?

Asking the question, not only gives you good ideas, it goes a long way to showing that you respect everyone's ideas. Watch out! You may be surprised where some of the best ideas come from. When shy or introverted people are asked, and listened to, they sometimes come up with some real innovative ideas.

Tapping into every individual's knowledge with their unique perspective not only builds engagement, but is critical for an organization to continue to serve it's mission.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Z5EnGdTtBlar-IgLr1lobta2MR86RF6gudY-Tnn_Ugn0M98mzAxeLCEN43uOy5DVl4_K07KsBNzOpeO1Rq0Si1YQSS89EW2ezyYro_I7Aw5WzCrrp3qgdjfMGJ1C3cbo6yBERfbKPfScQDhHjDIVS0_K3Ji8K1mrsGqMetQoMtY=&c=cBY3NagfbqXVHYWzIaQiKcB1LSu0ABD7cpawnpQ5-hMksawPktELyA==&ch=cczqeeer6EBTH96QyqWCDz5Fp5XdogBRioFHLrY4H1wU9sNm0HzONg==>

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