[Libs-Or] Tech-Talk: INTERNET - What is a VPN and Why Should I Use It?

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Feb 4 15:30:43 PST 2020

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 This Week's Topic: INTERNET

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... What is a VPN and Why Should I Use It?
2. COMMUNICATING ... "willing to consider"
3. LEADERSHIP ... #5. Wilber Finkelstein ... Reversing Organizational Indifference


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INTERNET - What is a VPN and Why Should I Use It?


I'm getting ready to travel this week and will have a long layover. I want to be able to work on my laptop in the airport or at my hotel, but I'm leery about using public Wi-Fi. It's time to set up a VPN so that I can have a secure connection when using the Internet.

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network connects your device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to an outside server to:

1.  Protect your online identity, making your Internet activity completely unreadable to any eavesdroppers.
2.  Change your IP address so that it appears that you're in a different location.

VPNs were originally created as a means to connect business networks securely and allow people to access an office network from home or on the road.

Connecting through a VPN will encrypt your connection making it look like gibberish to anyone that intercepts it. And it redirects your internet traffic through a specially configured remote server so that you can remain protected and anonymous.


Why You Might Consider Using a VPN

Using a VPN can potentially slow your connection down, but there are many good reasons to use it.

[VPN quote]

·     Access your business network. A business VPN allows employees to access their company's network while working away from the office.

·     Using Public Wi-Fi. Other people in range of the hot-spot you're using could potentially access your data and steal passwords and personal information.

·     Access blocked sites outside of the US. If you try to go to streaming sites like Netflix, Pandora or Hulu, they may be "geo-blocked." Connecting through a VPN located in the US gives you access.

·     Protect your files. If you use a file-sharing service, a VPN will encrypt your uploaded and downloaded documents.

·     Keep your Internet searches private. Online searches are logged to your computer's IP address and are subsequently used to customize the advertising and future searches for your device. If you don't want Google or other search engines to store your search information for personal items like "anti-depressants" or "divorce lawyers," a VPN can mask them.

·     Cloak your VOIP phone calls. Voice-over-IP (calling someone through your device) is relatively easy to eavesdrop on. If you regularly use VOIP services like Skype, Facetime, or online voice chatting, consider a VPN connection.

Even if you have nothing to “hide” – protecting your right to privacy may be important to you.

View another article in the Tech-Talk database for more details on "How To Make Public Wi-Fi Safer."<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AHiIuSjA09rLToQ7O1fHUbVeIe9hqviYTROyMnTsztubudnkjnJQ9nCpnVedc3fuWujwzR_byKIKMzMUFc0Yan8E-yDkorJXS79RkN8xpluAxc_3RCf2xUatQ6U_tzvy9nkk3OKznPZJht16WUgOhzQ=&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>

How Do You Get a VPN?

There are a number of Virtual Private Network services available. Some specialize in business applications and others are for individual consumers. When selecting a service consider:

·     Price
·     Number of licenses allowed for your devices
·     Ease of use
·     Number of available servers and geographic diversity in locations
·     Speed scores


Based on PCmag.com's 2020 rating of VPN services, here are a few sites to consider:

·     Nordvpn.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMsnztjTHUpI4NLq81uavuQEsMAFYt56Zbi2AYsS0OfKWb9Y-qGorgH2HL9-3mm00R6J0jXw5zQZhZUZI_fAkLw=&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>
·     Privateinternetaccess.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMsnztjTHUpIHBdkmlinFGU9hoQ3B7s8QaekZwsjyUOVHE5odctCGQY9PxpkqcD_nQZzXOZDLCuFxICRZmOnFkIxnERCcm3W-s0_2rrZPFtN&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>

·     Expressvpn.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMsnztjTHUpIrz6a-E5t0ApIqgW7cNhu8eKn4gj6Smzx7yzZvr7XSt-lHIb63qldrJ-rL9wGUhyD0ZHtAUz9Dm1PyVXEueXdgw==&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>
·     Tunnelbear.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMsnztjTHUpI2dle87ASgHHEurb1FnmHUA_qsA_89CY1T4L0_0DpEkXNyWb0v1KiMZEYAULSmzCyefszefUtyU6APFwy85kTQw==&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>


Communications: Writing
"Willing to consider..."

OK, have you ever experienced this type of situation? I found myself wanting to offer a business colleague some advice. I wasn't sure if she would be receptive. She might take it as criticism.

In this case, she was new to our accounting firm, so I hadn't recognized her name when she sent an email. I almost tossed it instead of opening it.

I wanted to tell her that she could change the "From" name to include the Firm so that all of us who do not know her name yet, would recognize her notes as legitimate.

Instead of "Jane Smith", it would read "Jane Smith (Barnes)"

Some folks receive ideas as a statement that they have done something incorrectly. They've made a mistake. They should have known.

To help the recipient feel good about your idea, to be receptive and open, ask them, "Would you be willing to consider an idea I have?"

Both "willing" and "consider" are words known to have a positive effect. They show respect for the other individual and by asking if someone wants to hear your idea first, you're more apt to be heard.

"Are you willing to consider a technique you can use
to have everyone recognize you are with Barnes and Associates?"

Look for ways to use "willing" and "consider" as you're sharing ideas with others.


Leadership Ideas
#5: Reversing Organizational Indifference

Wilbur Finkelstein

As we work with various organizations, we frequently ask individuals, "In your opinion, how much indifference is there in your organization?"

One of these persons is a junior clerk in a large public library system (600+ employees). I asked him this question. He surprised me with his answer.

He quickly said, "That's easy, 99%." Stunned at the number, yet believing that it was possible, I followed with, "What makes you say that?" (I fully expected him to declare himself as the only one who cared. He didn't do that.)

He said, "Because of Wilbur Finkelstein. He comes to work every day, no matter what. He's punctual, often early. He doesn't leave at quitting time if he's working with a patron. He'll stay and help until the person has what they need without exception. He cares about the organization and what we do."

The good news is that organizational indifference can be reversed. You can turn the 71% or the 99% disengagement into individuals who are focused, flexible and willing to take the initiative for the bigger whole.

You can fix this at the team level. You don't have to wait for an organizational culture change to start at the top.

You can be the top in this situation. You can create your own world. Sure if you're a manager, supervisor or a team leader it will be easier to affect change. But as an individual contributor, you can do it too.

This Executive Guide will show you how. It will give you the concepts for making the change and the practical steps to take. It will show you how creating more of an egalitarian environment can dramatically affect your team achievements.

[A serialized book. See previous entries<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9ANZBezO-bwQRdNfrl19l_yqYFIVQwOtFMkptt7Euy-Ykcis_nkWP9hvQcU14CCJF9-uAxlMbaQSSP-VBxqX45Y9nYCSiLqhlNXXBzuXWHbyCAahh6kz0C8Vrd1-50ESxZg==&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>.]

Get a Starting Point

Here's a 10-question survey<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9ACVMJQK3s_0a6yw6MgSUgN_LkCVaANjCJGmovAUebSEwzbFewYvCXPlX-hmipbSISoN6RzpzYq7thu86kDXthF8xLMD1fDHJ2RN19N87DGmA4piP1JNh_4M8NeP2Ajgzy17I5f0bKPhLHVZdmlo4GDEpsW6pRpsWO1K74L9QCqAexQfyPlv6k7U=&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==> that will give you a good benchmark.

Leave a Comment Here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMsnztjTHUpIdiLwHK7SmzeE3CIYIw4FPHpbDhsY9lfm2Cna-pexfcxrOh0fW32MyXkoAqLjhlR0bJBeh3ukW2YdOVm7nlbPZSNHWVHlmGfF0sClxR3sCW1tob1YrxUcaUqy3_2bYyWl26q1ybHCcggACQcH_90Ohg==&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>!


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aK_UJlv9GC8nhML47R2TLIOV4Gn00DDu-QW0Y8blXxt4vlSCAPO9AMiDFBCcCxQqsZomEC4kZcKSGaX9t_8PuKLAFoRFtmwVz_t6pcPIUS0BG9q-z_29tbdEMMnU6KlPG7lop9-M8AWXDF6ZXBpuAKW7tJnPtvx9u2ocyx4k_80=&c=jRNm2rfrDIPmD2Ep_9TrN8ieqwF2zG9vHOqkgHsgJBig7fDlNxknNg==&ch=enQEYwGy2D0vtFGUtBVEwJG5KMQE8R9WCq2K-fKeJ68WV1LLotabDw==>

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