[Libs-Or] Misinformation, Fake News and Political Propaganda workshop

dcohen at hevanet.com dcohen at hevanet.com
Thu Feb 13 13:54:26 PST 2020

At Bethany Library Annex. Weds. 2/19. 6:30.


This workshop covers a very broad range of information topics, with the last
part about how to find quality information. 

How are online posts, statistics/graphs, "news" articles, economic data,
ads, and more, mis-used? How can we be alert to potential misinformation and
be the best information consumers? This is a _crucial_ topic for everyone!

More info:



Some of the comments received:

Really enjoyed the workshop. 

It's good to question assertions of any kind, especially timely in this
election year. I liked Donna's 

examples of real ads and how we need to be mentally vigilant.  

Very useful information for checking sources and reasons before believing
the "news"

Easy to understand, well-rounded, wide array of examples. Thank you so
much.! This was fun and informative!

Loved it.


Well organized, excellent information! Looking forward to your next one!!!
Our students NEED this!! 

Very informative, very thought-provoking.

I would like more workshops like this [to the library].

Excellent info - I'd love to see a series to break this topic down into more
detailed sessions!

Very well organized, good flow of information. 

Lots of good information presented clearly.

I fancy myself pretty informed on this topic. But it's an ongoing constant
process of self-education. Donna brought a sharp, active, and uncompromising
approach that was engaging and left me sharper.

Very helpful - I see the cracks in my knowledge and will be come better
informed as a result of this program. The full series sounds interesting.

Donna Cohen is excellent.

Thank you! Super interesting!

Love Donna's style of relating to her audience!

The program was illuminating and presented very well.

Enjoyed it and great info. Thanks.

This was great. Bracing stuff. Thanks for pulling these sources together.




Donna L Cohen, MLIS, MEd

Portland, Oregon


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