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Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Wed Feb 19 09:05:09 PST 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!

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1.  Feb 26th: CANVA (Part II)
2.  Mar 11th: Advanced PPT Tips & Techniques
3.  Apr 8th: Four and a Half Advanced Techniques in EXCEL

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 This Week's Topic: WEB AUTHORING

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... Use PPT Slides on Web Pages
2. COMMUNICATING ... How women respond to success and failure
3. LEADERSHIP ... No one to tell


Photo by Gary Bendig<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uPufktnAjXuS60V1L_n-0oDYJMM8Sw9ULJkhNLsrm8kztprmNcVCv2C-WKCMEV9pNRwVXViM4jwVKV0_-PyEBVU3QBj0rNgIaLhwhjKfF9uocGYIaXNDlzdDfR7Gy4lB7Hu7ds2AAkz3ctq6Y6mfL65Dg-2HVSc17DX71XNOGU0FW75lZL34VZGaZdgFfZ0tKoqincjX6ngcgsfK3q19Wps=&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uPufktnAjXuSxg6IZbdGNtTE6amUiXMdtdh8ASS83la_jEa0NAj2Dorn7dDoqttEqoLfMtSgaOag3CY2fuD4WVqWGciz6A4QB2GR0JknaarhAOMxMHDnLaFla6V-vbYtJn7ulqGZB1r9dD2cjJudbciszx-ZdbcEMfRFsjA6NQfW3b0vP1uMXIkdn0PBRlZaFvHMktbaWQuuo9VGh3Lt2Ig=&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>

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WEB AUTHORING – Use PPT Slides on Web Pages

I was helping a colleague put the finishing touches on a PowerPoint and he had a different idea of how to share the slides.

Normally before (or after) a presentation, he provides the slide deck in a PDF handout format to his audience. However, this group was bit low-tech so he wanted to simply display the slides as images on a website page so that they would be easy to view on any device.

We actually used this same concept on a Tech-Talk website page to show the slides of our 2019 Tech-Talk Satisfaction Survey Results, Tech-Talk.com/survey-results<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uHTrfFkHPHORYKFjcQDeWELsg5wGZjR_HK9RYTUZDePt7WRUnN3IckiDyusisNHjb-Izc-_-BPognhr7Wv0QxCnQ2ICHJnuSaIPOPv9TmKoKJ76nRKfDAC0=&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>.

Instead of uploading a PDF of the handout that people would need to click on and download to view, we put up a handful of slides saved as images to show the main points. This way readers can scan down the page quickly and view the slides that are of interest to them.


Create Slides as Images

Let's start by saving slides as images, then add them to a website page.

NOTE: In PowerPoint (and Google Slides) you can save ONE or ALL slides as individual images. Refer back to this article for more details, https://www.tech-talk.com/graphics-ppt-to-jpg.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uPufktnAjXuSIu-KtXYd_xvYGK5BHDx8A4u-r3IwQBKqzo5S9t9ZQ_ZhpFdsaPVj7XSoZbs2EyW8LHWeAxcvKT7VdTAHBtaThSHTTC3lLKdtaWnG4YqtU6mIRfiVWKyipA==&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>

For the purpose of this concept, we want to save ALL of the slides as images. So in our PPT, we can easily go to:

·     File, then Save As.
·     In the Save As Type box select .jpg file Interchange format (or .png or .gif)
·     You'll be asked if you want to convert all the files or the current one. When you choose ALL, you'll get individual jpg files for each slide.


TIP: Perhaps you don't want to save every slide as an image. Instead of going through your presentation and saving the ones you want individually, create a copy of the PPT, delete the slides you don't want included and then follow the simple steps above.

Add Your Slides to a Website Page

Next, depending on your website platform, you can easily add the images to pages to display the individual slides.

If you're using WordPress, you would go to the page and click the Add media button to select the images and choose the placement.

TIP: If your slides are full of pictures, they can become very large files. Before saving the slides as images you can use the Compress graphics option in PowerPoint to decrease the file size without significantly losing the quality of the image. See how in in this Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uEvG0SInm1VM2P0royh8DLbR7uGVCyKjyfBz1t83jpaH1WrVF5n3R-XHpptEC0WQSbKEQPxt_HIVKpPSNiXLsTDgWmYST5Ec7DSkwPlcOb8KyfZBYWfZbpv2IWZ8KAHjSrpNLCzNmR_UTalt7G6MAfA=&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>.

Save Slides as Images in Google


If you want to create an image out of a slide in Google, there is the option to export as a .jpg or .png file, but you need to do each individual slide.

·     Go to File and choose Download.
·     Select the JPEG or PNG image option.

However, as a work-around, you could export the slide presentation as a PPT file and then save all slides as images at one time in the PowerPoint program.

What About Creating Traditional PowerPoint Handouts?

As a refresher, to create a handout of your presentation to share with your audience, you can choose to Print it out or Save the slides as a PDF:

·     With your presentation open, go to File and select Print.
·     Click the arrow next to Full Page Slides.
·     Under Handouts, choose a slide layout (1 Slide, 2 Slides per page, etc).
·     Select Print and choose a Printer or PDF creator.


Now, to share your slides you could:

·     Pass out the printed copies at your presentation.
·     Email the PDF to participants.
·     Upload the PDF as a media file to a website and provide the link to participants so that they can view or download the file.


Communications: With Self
"How do you handle success?"

A study was done some years ago, with two hundred men and two hundred women.

Each was given a puzzle to solve. They were timed to see how quickly they could do it.

What they were not told was ... that the puzzle could not be solved.

At the end of the exercise, when the individuals were questioned, the men said, "There is something wrong with the puzzle."

The women said, "I'm not very good at puzzles."

The Next Session

These folks were then given another puzzle to solve. (They were not told that it was super easy.)

The men said, "I'm good at puzzles."

The women said, "This puzzle is easy."

How do you feel about this?

It appears that women tend to internalize failure and externalize success. Men are typically the reverse. As women, we might want to become more like men in this respect. There's no need to belittle your successes.

NOTE: This behavior is not to be confused with the idea of having a successful venture and sharing the credit.


Leadership Book
#7 – No One to Tell

[Here's a true story, though the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Can you see the same type of thing happening in the nonprofit world?]

Maxine is a 28-year-old Business Account Manager for a high-end cosmetics firm in a major department store. She handles the scheduling of work shifts, the training of new hires, and the tracking of product inventory.

She observes who her customer is and what her customer wants. She knows how many sales she loses because she can't provide what they need. And yet she has no control, or input, over what product is delivered to her.

She has very specific ideas of how her area could do significantly more business … but has no one to tell.

Some of her specific ideas include:

·     A matte palette of eye shadow for the older women who don't want the shimmer.

·     Travel items that could be purchased instead of using the occasional giveaway.

·     Fresh items in the gift package instead of repeating the same shade of lipstick and color palette over and over.

[You can see that her ideas are insightful, practical and easily implemented... if she could just order the right inventory, right?]

The sad fact is that her passion for growing her part of the business goes untapped because there is no known way to have a conversation with the right person.  [Someone who can actually affect change.]

If you had someone like Maxine [who looks for ways to help the organization grow], wouldn't you want to benefit from her ideas?

Do you know where to go to get your improvement ideas heard, processed and potentially implemented?

Tell us here - how YOU<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uPufktnAjXuSKyqMlWiMxv-Wa2yiLKOiwzBvbST159-nFJib5oBQwmuIdMyjdObgX1nF9XciQ8trNceFrRED4YeVT0cSAEM-nLIOQ8NDR_1cLt3NP9f1_ZS3ZtJEzmwSRg==&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==> alert your organization about the ideas you have.

[A serialized book. See previous entries<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uHTohRMwOUeV8nf2U3NKPhDPAfR-eNMXj4e188arlDfIDXkZ71g9G670aS_5HXYyInJWBtAr3KyhbIqz4Gw6uqIdIy84e05F-uTeEKs_4Phdtoy8WERZ4kqrkoGwy17YXA==&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>.]


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ng7641iRDFnl9YD9dFC35xKIouh_0LKqTb_S0TYK9THvnvZyM5G6uCMqd9TCRM-0xUnppj1Xs9tPKNQAcAJLOMY9WGyYYs0hQllAkTgTpkLL9QjUr775Gkj_ko90QxZfk4qLrGhkEGuHU3N99pGV3yZPflbk7-BdhxQQhe5qRXE=&c=jT_C8ooq4vUXmTPe3WSofr3ALmMTFi1s-B6g0VGgKM339HjXJnFC0w==&ch=yCkt02o7T86GKpLhbpxjJQorXZ7nQa-48rDAcyHv4gKZatGtpvNAAA==>

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