[Libs-Or] [EXTERNAL] Women's suffrage

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Hi Stephanie,

I don’t have a straight academic speaker to recommend, but I do have a very interesting and wonderful program of songs from the suffrage movement that is available by singer Cece Otto. I recently met her and saw her program at a couple of archives/history conferences. She sings beautifully and has researched the music and songs of the movement extensively, dresses in period costume and speaks about the music during the program. I would suggest you email her regarding the speaker idea, maybe she knows someone she works with and could do a combination program. She does very good programs and is working hard on this one for the centennial. This would be a different type of presentation, which may interest your patrons as much as a speaker. Here her website information and contact.



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I am looking for a speaker on Women's suffrage for the Centennial of the 19th Amendment. I was hoping fellow librarians would have a recommendation. (Ideally, I would like someone who is also willing to address the racism of the suffragettes, though that won't be the focus.)

Thanks in advance!

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