[Libs-Or] Online interview - Civics for Adults workshops!!

dcohen at hevanet.com dcohen at hevanet.com
Sun Jan 19 11:52:52 PST 2020

If you've wondered about Civics for Adults workshops, this morning I was
interviewed about them by an online show out of Roseberg. I described my
philosophy of why I do the workshops and what each workshop covers. It's
about 30 minutes.


As ya'll know, my workshops are non-partisan; the knowledge and tools are
useful to all. And, the interview reflects that. The show, however, fashions
itself as "progressive". 


I appreciate having had the opportunity to discuss what I do.


Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMl3E6i-GhE 




Donna L Cohen, MLIS, MEd

Portland, Oregon


dcohen at hevanet.com <mailto:dcohen at hevanet.com> 

Civics for Adults - and Others - Workshops: To Enhance Civic Knowledge and
Inspire Political Engagement

Webpage www.civicthinker.info <http://www.civicthinker.info>  

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036/

"My philosophy is very simple. When you see something that is not fair, not
right, not just - stand up, say something, speak up!" Rep. John Lewis



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