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Civics for Adults Update, January 28, 2020

[Interesting Facebook posts after the schedule!]

Upcoming Workshops 

Misinformation, Fake News and Political Propaganda 

We are overwhelmed with information. Learn to distinguish truth from fiction
using critical thinking strategies with political ads, news headlines,
graphs / charts, language choice in messaging, statistical data and other
types of information. Become your own "factchecker"! 

 "Loved it."

"Would be nice if it was a series over a few nights"

"...well-rounded, wide array of examples. Thank you so much! This was fun
and informative!"

Weds Feb 19   6:30-8:00   Bethany Library Annex  4888 NW Bethany Blvd, PDX

Sun April 5   1:00-2:30    Hillsboro Public Library- Shute Park 775 SE 10th


Elections and Campaign Finance

This is a unique workshop covering numerous topics related to our electoral
systems and presenting specific ideas for bi-partisan civic/political
engagement, some active right now! Topics: Voting as Constitutional
right(?), Voter Rights, Voter Fraud, Voter Registration, Voter Turnout,
Alternative Methods of Determining Winners, Redistricting, Electoral
College, Campaign Financing, SuperPACS and 501(c)4s, Contribution Limits,
Dark Money, Campaign Finance Databases, Public Financing of Elections

". this was an excellent presentation."

"I consider myself a well-informed citizen but I learned a great deal of new

"You are a great teacher, Donna."

"Very good, solid information - This is what all Americans need to know."

"Thanks for another informative workshop."

Sat April 18   2:00-3:30   Bethany Library Annex  4888 NW Bethany Blvd, PDX

Sun April 26   1:00-2:30   Hillsboro Public Library- Shute Park   775 SE
10th Ave


New Name! The Constitution - Fulfilling Democracy's Promise?

 By looking back at the creation of the Constitution and tracing major
changes to its interpretation we puncture some myths and develop a broader
perspective that helps us evaluate its meaning more thoughtfully.

"Amazing what was done [the creation of the Constitution] and what issues
still remain." 

"Every citizen should take this serious look at our Constitution."

"Good level of history and contemporary political ideas, their evolution and
relevance to today."

Thurs April 2   6:00-7:30    Sherwood Pub. Lib. 22560 SW Pine St, Sherwood,

Sun May 17   1:00-2:30   Hillsboro Public Library- Brookwood   2850 NE
Brookwood Pkwy


Citizen Activism 101 - Making Change Happen

Improve life for yourself and your neighbors. Learn about types of advocacy
and strategies for change. Brief historical perspective; Examples of
successful advocacy-local-national; Choosing your battles; Who makes the
rules?; Getting heard; tools for change; "Tracking" state and federal

"Excellent. Thanks!"

"I loved that you customized your presentation to our area". 

"Really liked your explanation of state government, especially the example
of an individual's testimony.removed the anxiety of presenting testimony
that most of us feel so intimidated [by]"

Sun June 7   1:00-2:30    Hillsboro Public Library-Brookwood  2850 NE
Brookwood Pkwy


Facebook posts

Hey folks, this is exciting. I was interviewed by a weekly YouTube show out
of Roseberg. The 30-minute interview really gave me a chance to discuss each
of my workshops. Check it out! 


Heads up - as you know my workshops are non-partisan and that was the basis
of the interview. However, the show is produced by a "progressive" group. I
appreciated they opportunity to get the word out about Civics for Adults.



The Oregon Legislature starts up again on Feb 3, for a short, 5-week,
session. Many legislators hold Town Halls prior to the start; it's a great
way to get up-to-date on what they will focus on. Here is info on the Town
Hall being held Thursday night by Rep Tina Kotek, Sen Lew Frederick, and Rep
Tawna Sanchez.


[Learn how to find and tack bills, get email alerts, and provide testimony
(aka your thoughts) to the legislature in the Citizen Activism workshop!]



Senate Impeachment Trial continues. Here is Day 8 -



Here is a fun and instructive 12-question quiz on the Census!




Here's what we don't know! I am sorry to say that Americans are woefully
ill-informed about the Constitution, itself.



I'm always looking for info on strategies and successes in advocacy and
found this article to be fascinating.

The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world




2019 Poverty in Multnomah County Report




Lots more interesting posts on the Civics for Adults Facebook page.




Donna L Cohen, MLIS, MEd

Portland, Oregon


dcohen at hevanet.com <mailto:dcohen at hevanet.com> 

Civics for Adults - and Others - Workshops: To Enhance Civic Knowledge and
Inspire Political Engagement

Webpage www.civicthinker.info <http://www.civicthinker.info>  

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036/

"My philosophy is very simple. When you see something that is not fair, not
right, not just - stand up, say something, speak up!" Rep. John Lewis



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