[Libs-Or] List of Lists: An Index of Diversity Reading Lists for Adults

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Hi all,

We'd like Oregon library folks to know about (and use! and contribute to!) a new resource called List of Lists: An Index of Diversity Book Lists for Adults<https://listoflists.ischool.syr.edu/>, from Syracuse University School of Information Studies. The authors (Dr. Rachel Ivy Clarke and Sayward Schoonmaker) welcome your ongoing contributions and feedback - just go to the site's Contact page. More info is below.


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From: Sayward Schoonmaker [mailto:sschoonm at syr.edu]
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Subject: List of Lists: An Index of Diversity Reading Lists for Adults (ALA grant-funded indexing project)


Thank you for sharing our call for contributions to our indexing project, List of Lists: An Index of Diversity Book Lists for Adults, funded by the American Library Association's Carnegie-Whitney Grant (http://www.ala.org/aboutala/offices/publishing/sundry/alapubawrds/carnegiewhitneypast).  Your help means a great deal to us, as we believe promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital to the field of librarianship.

The index is complete and we appreciate your sharing the link below with the public libraries you work with. We encourage and appreciate feedback. You can communicate with us by completing the survey about your experience or by emailing us directly. Both the survey and our contact information are located on the index's webpage.


Thank you.


Rachel Ivy Clarke, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies, rclark01 at syr.edu<mailto:rclark01 at syr.edu>
Sayward Schoonmaker, MLIS, Syracuse University, sschoonm at syr.edu<mailto:sschoonm at syr.edu>

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