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 This Week's Topic: WORD

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... Transcribe to a Different Language Right in Word
2. COMMUNICATING ... Business vs. People
3. LEADERSHIP ... "Pass it on"


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OFFICE - Transcribe to a Different Language Right in Word

I was creating a flyer in a Word document for an event and wanted it to not only contain text in English, but in Spanish and Hmong (Vietnamese tribe) languages as well. I know very little Spanish and no Hmong… so I was relieved to discover that right in Word (and other Office apps) there is now a Translator tool.

All I had to do was type in the text... and with a few keystrokes I got an instant translation for both languages!

Poster example with English, Spanish and Hmong headings:

[translate document]

You can use this feature for not only phrases, but the whole document.

It's currently available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint ... and OneNote. (NOTE: There's a translator add-in for Outlook available in the Microsoft store<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001GN8fub3IayUPEXicq5wjnteJ2oI6q43q0FWYkEkCmvCbTguoV6RzB8jug4C95j0-nssbWx5dv-HZHVt8Ddlrh2c_Qm0Q4q2WMJZcAYgWqu7EKOmzbw8YYR9GeKFbJBZe27-XzrNEoKuUVZCiMtJyNkSNTlkZf9TPgHE06bi0RvcwIHD0KXkeo_ZZBIYa6lj4LqZY-GBdN332MnFT6Lr_vGJrQW32wx4FYpvDaXzuxuJBJtNM8or-Kg==&c=JvoU39z2umnlN-nYZb3p-Q2OuaE1Jlzh-i-luwXIlEBMmsNWmfIUtg==&ch=c1yH9vp30hPklfhJRmfKPJUQjDOYczJVfINqhFd4djKqP3kCzJ5mJg==>.)

How Does the Translation Happen?

The Microsoft translation tool is a cloud-based machine service offering 60+ languages. It sends your text through a secure Web API which sends back the updated text in the specified language -- all in the blink of an eye!


Tips to Improve Your Translation Experience

Before you begin translating phrases... or whole documents ... keep in mind these suggestions:

·     Using shorter sentences can help with translation accuracy.

·     Remember that text translations are very literal, and some phrases don't convert to other languages as intended ... especially colloquialisms and slang.

·     One trick to check accuracy is to make your translation in a Word doc, then open a new one, copy the translated text and convert it back to your native language to see if the message has the original meaning.

·     If you're creating a large document or book, make sure to have someone who speaks the language proof it carefully.

How to Translate Text in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote


·     Type your content in a Word (PowerPoint, Excel or OneNote) document and highlight the text you want translated (or you can choose whole document).

·     Go to the Review tab in the ribbon and click Translate.

·     From the drop-down, choose Translate Selection or Translate Document.

The Translate pane will open.

·     It should detect the "From" language in the top box. If it does not, select a language from the drop-down list.

·     In the "To" section, use the drop-down list to select from more than 60 languages.

·     If you want to overwrite the current text with the translation in your document, click on the Insert button -- and the text will be converted to the new language.

·     If you want to add the translation to the document without deleting your original text, copy the text from the lower box and paste it into your document.


You can use your translated text in Microsoft documents, or paste it to other platforms... like social media, graphics tools such as Canva or email programs.

Translate in Google


A translation option is also available in Google Docs and Slides.

·     Highlight your text.

·     Go to File, then Language.

·     Choose from over 60 different language choices.

Another powerful free translation tool is Google Translator. See how it works<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001GN8fub3IayUPEXicq5wjnteJ2oI6q43q0FWYkEkCmvCbTguoV6RzB8jug4C95j0-zA2qPE-MFCbtAxeABqG0yp7e-Uv1SxO02L7VQFKHDynRNPaZcoX9LQoAvNnNQSuyMnbdsuUM-WxdxnR9UQ-eEI7cJI_pgyMin5YnOLIx1aiG1sEBGHWv7-x4xkaq39LP&c=JvoU39z2umnlN-nYZb3p-Q2OuaE1Jlzh-i-luwXIlEBMmsNWmfIUtg==&ch=c1yH9vp30hPklfhJRmfKPJUQjDOYczJVfINqhFd4djKqP3kCzJ5mJg==>.


Communications: Principle
Business vs. People

I ran across this phrase and thought it was worth pondering and sharing.

"All business is people business. Like it or not, your career depends on how people feel about you ... and whether or not they support you."

When you think about it, a business (be it corporate, nonprofit or government) only exists because of people - at every level.

Your success within your organization depends on how these other people (your colleagues, your customers, your bosses) feel about you. How you communicate (verbally or physically) significantly influences whether or not these folks will support you and your ideas.

Your ability to communicate effectively is a powerful tool. Use it well.


Leadership Thoughts
#9 – Who else would like to know?

One of the most important elements of being a good leader ... as a manager or as team member ... is to think inclusively. To bring people in.

It isn’t instinctive! It doesn't come naturally to tell others what you know, to make sure they are in the inner circle.

That's because you may...

·     Assume they already know.
·     Think if they were to be told, someone else should do it.
·     Believe it's not important so why tell someone else.
·     Feel that it's not your responsibility to keep others informed.

Your motto, if you want to be a leader, is to “pass it on”. Be the source of good information. (No, not the gossip around the water cooler, but news relating to the business.)

From a practical sense, it could mean...
·     Forwarding an email
·     Inviting someone to a meeting
·     Bringing it up in a team meeting

Maybe you come across a good article that bears sharing. Pass it on! When a group meeting is called, think who else could be included ... the administrative assistant, a representative from another department?

Think, "Who else would like to know?"


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001GN8fub3IayUPEXicq5wjnteJ2oI6q43q0FWYkEkCmvCbTguoV6RzBwo-D0M_owfxkB3byD-L2IBka7BbDvAgC5aPxj0ghLE2O1pNIRiQ1YtuGOsmpsjxtC35bqyy8N9hmWFsn5-frO2FMhAHfu8I8oDUR3haLjiCipDPPALcVXU=&c=JvoU39z2umnlN-nYZb3p-Q2OuaE1Jlzh-i-luwXIlEBMmsNWmfIUtg==&ch=c1yH9vp30hPklfhJRmfKPJUQjDOYczJVfINqhFd4djKqP3kCzJ5mJg==>

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