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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
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 This Week's Topic: GOOGLE

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... Google Classroom Isn't Just for Kids
2. COMMUNICATING ... Getting communication to work
3. LEADERSHIP ... Mahatma Ghandi says...

[Google Classroom]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_OEC_SFRChWP5njhxgEFvEJ-tWkhP3iqh2LTqLtcsSvBjnHwRy2-46nvuHKtVa7XesxDNwbFb7SpUE0ZL3ydu6OggUzc3CJCRmCk2P1YRQURYUELSezlsM_MEqH5lfxln40f6EehXOvIYK2j0pfY0dBk=&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==>

Photo by Ty Lagalo<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_OEC_SFRChWP5awM7gyI9Iea3fSh8e1kMP5fKI8jrHz4Ge5pr9CdNIq60WlkaaLRO5QJtaTvN8K0BFkkKyAxO_0nTCVgtJ05gPbMpw6nbYYfouagmZ41E5SbZ09xdrLyoXyHvkNVHd8WNU5Kdd4qdMV_37yyJFotqGnLUdmP1ayB7ZKHWFRoVMLXlthamrXoRPhj3w-ocnoYOVBqSSWnybpU=&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_OEC_SFRChWP5iBC0l-P83R9JdBkHZiDAnaEWwvel-ZdEd_Nt3w8xfFIfSUJUQ4fwxrgXYyf3GBMr3aseXMN_tlHPyTFAmgrbLP27q4tzT8xs79-86eA3wvFKMFJMgfZQuISbStvouF4UvhK4WbDAnyEUORJTgNZiqc4W1Rd1MtZj-wGytJaeE9fUfFcJ7WmoXxamm8QB_2ZeGVuALUtFR8rEVxOV5gV_7w==&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==>

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GOOGLE - Google Classroom Isn't Just for Kids

[google classroom]

The use of online learning has spiked…and it's not just for the kiddos in the classroom.

Of course, there are a variety of content management systems designed for delivering information to members. However, many are expensive and complicated… which makes it not only cost-prohibitive, but very intimidating just to get a learning space set up.

Enter Google Classroom. This platform is a refreshingly simplified way of delivering online classes to a group of people. It's not just for schools to use. This free service is a part of the Google world of apps available to all as a way to share files, create and grade assignments and communicate with students/participants.

It's not just for teachers and students in a school setting. Since it is web-based and free for all users, it can be used for:

·     Book groups
·     Tutoring
·     Extra-curricular activities like scouting or faith formation classes
·     Hobby instructors
·     Life coaching
·     Virtually any situation where you want to deliver resources in a "classroom" type setting

About Classroom User Accounts

Now, we need to clarify that Google Classroom IS free, but has limitations on how it is set up and used. There are three different types of user accounts.

1.  School or Education account -- Known as G Suite for Education. This type of account would be set up by an accredited school or non-profit (like yourname at yourschool.edu<mailto:yourname at yourschool.edu>).
2.  G Suite account -- This is actually a paid level that Google offers. It would be set up by your organization's administrator so that you can use your own domain (like yourname at yourorganization.com<mailto:yourname at yourorganization.com>).
3.  Personal Google Account -- This would be the typical free Google account used with a Gmail address that anyone can set up (like yourname at gmail.com<mailto:yourname at gmail.com>).

Based on your type of account, Google does have limitations on the number of teachers, students and classes you can create or join. Even at the Personal level though, the numbers are generous.

Google's Specifications:


Set Up Your Google Classroom

For schools and non-profits, check with your administrator to make sure you have access. Or, see the eligibility requirements to set up a school or non-profit Google Classroom, https://www.google.com/nonprofits/eligibility/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_OEC_SFRChWP5AheH8fbXNsHayjQH6Pc2kqyoHVwDajKknke6sup0NG_Xc17LsF2oirFC740Fitpq1EaFtRPnsQNnfbvqlnR1CsKt2V7bj5-NF0g__B-SxztKlhWCJPmRVw==&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==>

For personal Google accounts, you can log in and start using the app at any time.

Logging Into Google Classroom

[google classroom login]

Just like any other Google app (such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc…) the easiest way to access your account is to go to Google.com, sign in (if you're not already) and click on the apps tile (often called the "waffle" icon) in the upper right corner next to your icon (the grid of dots). Scroll down and find the Classroom icon.

You'll see a blank screen ready for you to start designing your "room." Once you create a few classes, they will be laid out in a grid on this "home" screen.


[home screen]

TIP: At any time you're inside a class and you want to get back to this screen, just click the settings icon in the left corner (3 horizontal lines) and choose Classes.

Create a Class

Before creating your class, think about how you want to deliver the resources for each: topic, subject or group of students.

For example, I might create a class on "Being More Productive with Email" that has 3 parts. Each part could be it's own class, or I can break each part into "Topics" inside one class.

To create a class:

·     From the Classroom home page, click the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner and choose Create Class.
·     Enter the Class name (this is the only required field), and section, subject or room if applicable.
·     Click Create.
·     You'll be re-directed to the class page.

[create a class]

Once your class is created, you can change the Theme (the image at the top). To use one of the pre-loaded themes, click Select theme and choose one. Or for your own custom theme, click the Upload photo link to choose an image of your own.

TIP: It's good to have a different image for each class you create to make them easily distinguishable from the home page.

Continue Reading About How to Set up Your Classes in the Full Article Online<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_OEC_SFRChWP5njhxgEFvEJ-tWkhP3iqh2LTqLtcsSvBjnHwRy2-46nvuHKtVa7XesxDNwbFb7SpUE0ZL3ydu6OggUzc3CJCRmCk2P1YRQURYUELSezlsM_MEqH5lfxln40f6EehXOvIYK2j0pfY0dBk=&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==>

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Communications: Principles
Getting communication to work

"Communication works for those who work at it."

This is a quote credited to John Powell. (Not sure who he is because there are many famous John Powells on the internet). But I like the sentiment, don't you?

How to work at it? Go to the Tech-Talk Database. In the SEARCH by TOPIC area, pull up various communication segments to find particular steps you'd like to use to improve your communication skills.


Mahatma Ghandi

"A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create!"

What is one thing you an do to create more leaders?


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N57sS50BEsGaiLWB9XxVRLzQeRdQORkH9asrRpHmt0XD1L3MhO3_ONTnt2FOijoa8L4ExIXPLfoWLy0ljPTLIFCT4GERx2NIMmUf9biPO1GhGC7dAiI0GDduyr2vqIMIf8t7pFU9W_nYrpWzuox_sKLdAoPVm2SFGpUTFcUj_mc=&c=GjMqmT9FgnpZy2KgpBBLcCDSle1dAxxu8MdPYx9c8q6BuMNMDtRG7A==&ch=usIsIolyuhW7ribEQ32rh6tUJVdhy3so2NvyXiET6jDgdqZ_SrTnNw==>

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