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Greetings and welcome to the latest issue of Tech-Talk!
What online meeting tool should you pick?




1.  April 8th: EXCEL 4.5 Advanced Techniques
2.  April 29th: Creating VIDEO on the Run

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 This Week's Topic: WEB TOOLS

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... Choosing an Online Meeting & Presentation Platform
2. COMMUNICATING ... Online sessions? How to be inclusive!
3. LEADERSHIP ... Don't shut them out because it is "best for them"

[online meetings]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHayiY-KSJaKa_dkT5_1-9Wn2fcGYG_Ze1Tdgae7V2eBT64Xwg98yCbjMXDXOsjhtDY2RlMuE4Q2jBi4iBxxR935kkoz84OIepCWcaMmsoKt794kdYI9_ZILSfkFWZKqV-5bXFfss88XXbIYVBPxAnrMR9iIp3C_6U3d&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==>

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Questions about Tech-Talk?

WEB TOOLS - Choosing an Online Meeting & Presentation Platform


Suddenly plans have shifted... and you might find yourself working remotely or needing to reschedule in-person meetings or group presentations/training.

Video conferencing seems to be an alternative in the way we work... as teams are spread out across the globe and travel isn't always an option. There are times when it's more convenient to hold one-on-one or team meetings virtually -- as well as offering presentations online to staff.

Technology has been rapidly advancing to offer reliable video conferencing that is accessible and affordable. But what tool do you pick? There are so many out there... however, there's no need to break your budget with platforms that have more bells and whistles than you need.

Let's take a look at a handful that have free (and low-cost) levels with the features you do need… and are easy to use. You can read a brief overview below and view a comparison chart on each of the tool's feature so that you can decide which platform meets your needs.

TIP: The primary difference between them is the number of people allowed in the meeting. (See the Comparison Chart below.)



Use the free version of Zoom.us<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHayJROoDGCf2xcgEZrrR4c5r3cBS1fDXdk1ZDbKnFfXibVVvE4PLmPRwRR7GRbHi9F6uOUroafnBFg=&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==> for private meetings with your own personal meeting link. Although one-to-one meeting time is unlimited, group meetings are different. When you have more than two people on a call, the time is limited to 40 minutes. If you go over, the call will drop. (Yes, you can call in again for another 40 minutes.)

This tool also lets you share links to files and attachments right in the chat feature. See a prior Tech-Talk article on Zoom<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHaya63sKzuzNsWMWvbE4tK-JQ0MFSGIxjb6UjGkh_izojLsnWJwBzIB-qiWKD1LYWRBgajkDGsZTdO0NiwhLxnPsCkDa7uu7CgFDOqzOq-ZA1omx05GZQKh7GAM9eRpt9v2-vKHFtw6oZw=&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==> here.



You can choose Skype.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHayOTeiVxIXIIuDhV-A20eqvRn3ewket704zVjh2Poeq1G3yvZOARMr5JxDlf6Hoq7dsv0RP-F-xRutzoMOMBEKeA==&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==> for audio and video calling ... or host a video conference ... for up to 50 people. One distinguishing option other platforms don't have is that you can enable the captions and subtitles feature.

Also, during a call you can share documents, photos or videos up to 300 MB by dragging and dropping them right into the conversation window.

Microsoft Teams

[MS Teams]

Microsoft Teams<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHaycwSFW1myXdTBkUg2IoUwZtpOpYrMSLP3DDkQA5Gm0Vtdf1OKqn1qHnu7bqrF7qsH4rJ-g_3N158LVFPF_HJ7KqIjscDKwYrnqtPUX6mOvH_1czlAWvmqZylwQknmWhrq&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==> replaces "Skype for Business" as Microsoft's professional online meeting solution. This tool combines instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document sharing all together within the app.

"Teams" is especially helpful when your group already uses Microsoft 365 products.

Google Hangouts
(or known as Hangouts Meet in the G Suite paid subscription)


If your team already operates primarily using the Google platform of apps (Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc…), Hangouts<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHayh0qb3sbHcxywMwwbBrz1kRHczXCvZscE-WeqfbmqEbtR_88utpgStVDGjiUdtYhAouavNUMPXekjTrRQHpBikA==&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==> will integrate easily.

This tool allows users to make calls and use messaging -- along with video conferences.

You can schedule a meeting or connect right through options in Google Calendar or the Hangouts app itself. You share documents via Google's Drive.


Download the Comparison Chart as a PDF<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vbzMH_T7RHay1PicIiuLrgUWSFuXqjCw8lGOh-05JXsPIeZdJt-kPnQFXViZSMqgYqUI3a1tM0FTfXL5EHWHhb3Mf5vJQoGdKDjt7Tu84_ISFtRYxAe9iW733sm2X2iuIX6HeaFM2SalrUaR_ZC6U3MXy50M010HGq6hvEatNBYC1nLqPxMVsCE=&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==>


Communications: Online Sessions
How to use Chat to keep people involved

One of the most important aspects of online meetings, discussions, or training is to be inclusive. Avoid situations where only one person is talking all the time.

Turn the presentation into a conversation. Make the session two way.

One method that works nicely is to use the Chat feature. You can keep everyone involved if you plan ahead and think inclusive. You want to get people "talking" with you.

Keep two points in mind: 1) Ask questions that everyone can give you an answer for (rather than looking for the one right answer) and 2) Make sure you show that you've seen everyone's comment and appreciate their contribution.

1. Ask questions everyone can answer.

Besides posing questions so that each person can contribute, suggest very short answers. You want them to be able to type quickly. (When you ask for input and have to wait, it can feel like forever for them to respond. They have to hear the question, think of an answer, and find the chat area to type it up.)

Here are some examples:
·     On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel about … (this new idea, moving forward, dropping the program). They reply with a simple number.

·     How often do you work in PPT? Just type "often" "sometimes" or "never."

·     Have you ever had trouble with … (noisy kids, getting someone's attention, writing a report). Ask them to reply with a Y for yes, or N for no.

2. Recognize each person's contribution. People put themselves out there when they type something in Chat. Don't leave them out on a limb. Make a positive comment to show that you've seen what they've written.

For instance:
·     "I see most are saying yes, just a few no's."
·     "We've got Jacksonville here today, Charlotte, LA, someone from Austin, ...."
·     Great, we have 2 for the report, 6 for the presentation, and a couple of "don't knows."


#011 – Don't shut them out, thinking it's best for them..

Yes, I was watching NCIS: New Orleans on TV when one of the men, after learning that his friend had been alive all this time, said not to tell the woman who had loved him that he was not dead because "it might be hard on her."

Whoa, that struck a chord. That's one of the characteristics of what I call the Benevolent Leader. It's the person who thinks "I know what's best for him or her." Instead of asking the person; gaining their perspective, opinion, preference.

You might think that's a good thing (doing what's best for someone without consulting them), but I disagree. I believe it shows a lack of respect.

In those times when work is in an turmoil and people are not easily conferred with, it's especially important to be vigilant about asking (including them in the conversation) instead of assuming.

When you get these types of thoughts in your head, try to dispel them:

"I don't want to tell the team about such and such because:
·     ... it might upset them."
·     ... they'll think they can't do anything about it, so why bother."
·     ... they won't understand it the way I do."
·     ... they don't care about these type of things."


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001qDl5X4GdJSTTrOfyQeevdxjRLtNlu-nNgGR1eCpraLisdAyvzXi-vScARR0lPynHAQLgqzrfEeyoHvuD_Uyslm3jCwR5ZDNZOu1JFWiYey4ycugUBq7NO6LFGEEMiH0JNbsrk3LImf7ZHA2s0HXBYHmAlZ3TPSjHyowxoDE6Xs8=&c=-FZOCmFf4KDnl579YXJhgRJBernmga_EltoyPEc2GjMnVHfKVmm42g==&ch=i0FrW_6PZPe1aG2V-86dgqtBlEgMOVQWUXS9F0in7F1dAW-JoyxYBw==>

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