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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
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Create movement in your Slides and Docs


 This Week's Topic: GRAPHICS

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ...Add Moving GIFs to PPT & Word (and G-Slides & Docs)
2. COMMUNICATING ... Secret #2 - How to Set Yourself Apart in Job Hunting
3. LEADERSHIP ... Is your vision exciting?
4. WEBINARS ... Oral Histories for Libraries<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_BwbAyPj9eWW_kdOu4l1NaMIhJyHXwCFHx9ZJXk0SCvP2xa23f2XfzOKt2DfAEhFAH1NtX4gdcpdsN_4zForBow6kwrplkVpM9fVCM-hhfqn&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==> (10/21); Fillable Forms (Word &Google) <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_JReoBQ7x7Jz5-DCvBFsxTHKUndkJFpGkQgP89442w8rbeaXp-QSdEHnmefG7LP2z1ga0JSyKnFcZtAI8v_wYJkPsV-0KMvdmrpUwoPPg6bmRuTM51g6zXv5vCGvYSMXiqW0VICR9QLXtb5DMcTn4vU=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==> (11/4); New Pedagogy for Online Learning (11/18).<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_JReoBQ7x7JzIOMQ8KnL9qNSfO12g6T7QtG2O-nER3nEnQgkAcC7pG6baw9JgM5Petk8VYg2jlywuDzu8RMFciQY7zetxI5HqPgbxkSCVMq_OYQIkaEgRulA3KpU6JpaLS9zLTkw02bL75n0rkgl8DI=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>

[Add a Gif]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv7LpIAuUCG5xH_-_NFcDjhl9Uz-7QerSeZxFHMlZ1vdH3mV5-em1y5gDJi0od5NpRrAsqI-mmhXsZ_oYvqALlpWGtcCxeDFlKQPmq8R5Kr-c0T_BQF7I8VLpwN0mt573bZJApbFSInqJ07lJvmILNo7Q==&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>

Photo by Kiana Bosman<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv7UiL2xmrXSVA7J4bXzRw1s59A-2FvkcneDqI-UYoB73vFF6LtAP8uLuosrHjutFajmg1PDeYwTpyqapoq2FYcGA9qhOxwXNvP4EgVldpdIUodJYbfLGXhmyiFKFMShX8pxhxHFh-LeuLwx7Ygy22AwGj9NPGSeXzy7T1-XNWZXk6OTORTXRq-M7q3vEEln_1HNaLQXLCBY_aYInjL1WXd5Q==&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv7m9PkyZQbQLyIjxXLOC-cnWDw-pZsUNp_YIqXXXHWlwU3nj_sny5jGbPUDTPSpRayGzvOUtslD6C-ReavAmwKxIEj11SBapw32eU78_mXoE9QadJpdaAmCn8poImPphrgwuHNTn0_CY5m4MTkHuScX8u8ZzSpXVxuey0n8RfmCmPgCqC99oIUs9bP1GX_Rd5AqUhA1Kx3bfc=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>

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GRAPHICS - Add Moving GIFs to PPT & Word (G-Slides & Docs)


Have you ever thought about adding a little movement or motion to graphics in our Word Docs or PowerPoint slides? Something that shakes or moves… to grab the reader's attention -- or give them a chuckle.

Well, we recently presented a webinar on "5 Simple Tools to Create Animated GIFs, Images and Videos<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv71xhqJaspeki-z0Ew3N3JqceY0XqN4p1nNj8FmbkKBzbFHUEuT-WjcNy5m8A6VlA_5wboIm7P0vrtdferDIDSZH3U5q2asdaV1bBq95fxMw6MeJdwFToSkjPCVcAGU4HPON5VLiPUhUXYVvVdJxug4WuFIO0RaaPK&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>" and showed attendees how to create their own GIFS to use in social media, the web, your phone. And during the session a participant asked if GIFS can be added to Word Docs or PowerPoint slides. The answer is YES! (and also in Google Docs and Slides)

REMINDER: a GIF is a graphic format just like a jpg, png and tif. But a .gif is the only one that can be animated (contain movement).

In fact, in a prior Tech-Talk article, Create Your Own Animated Gifs<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_HypRMoxJPY4M8Tp8-QJxANZo5IFyVj5p98msJ1_bhu2S-d7WFbeJswvKoytsRZ8h305AX8YWn76Tgk6fIJJ8NV0FLu2daxTmVz3qdI4uV3lvByKSMXqPH7E87jNWCUHNrCdCLIx9eKH4zxw-Lw-4po=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>, we looked at where to find free GIFS and how to create your own on sites like MakeaGif.com or Giphy.com.

A "moving" GIF comes to life online and in social media, but it also can be used in PowerPoint or Word and in Google Slides and Docs. It's pretty straight forward to add a GIF to a PPT slide, but there's a secret to adding one to a Word doc.

Add a GIF to a PowerPoint Slide

Let's start with the easy one. We can quickly add a Gif to a PPT slide just as you would any other type of image.

[Insert a gif]

·     Select the slide that you want to add the animated GIF to.

·     From the Insert tab, select Pictures and choose This Device from the drop-down menu.

·     Navigate to the location of the animated GIF you want to add, select the file, and then click Insert (or Open).

·     The GIF animation may play on the slide, but if you don't see movement, go to Slide Show in the ribbon, and select From Current Slide -- to see it in presentation mode.

·     Or, from the Pictures menu, instead of uploading a GIF file from your computer, choose Online Pictures. Type ".gif "in the search box to find these types of files. PPT will search and find images from Creative Commons. Click to select and add it to your slide. Be sure to include the copyright attribution.

[insert gif]

TIP: PowerPoint doesn't let you add a GIF from a URL. So if you find a GIF in a platform like https://giphy.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv7Fwo4aFw96cAqD60KLUUu40UVD2WPLluGpBb-6_2-YPsMcaYt9YFr1ERi9Ngwb_JG_8h6M5mn82I=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==> that doesn't let you download the file (you can only share ... or copy an embed link or a url), you CAN add it to a PowerPoint with this workaround. Just follow the steps (in the Add a GIF to a Google Slide OR Google Doc section below) and add the GIF from a URL to a Google Slide, then download the Google Slide as a PPT file and save it... and the GIF (from a URL) will work!

Add a GIF to a Word Document

In Word, this is a two-step process. You need to first create the GIF in a PPT slide and then add it to a Word doc as on Object.

1.  Follow the steps above to add a GIF to a new PowerPoint presentation. Save the file with the one slide.
2.  In your Word document, from the Insert menu, select an Object in the Text section. Click the tab "Create from File." Choose the PPT presentation. TIP: It will animate when someone clicks on the image in the document.

[add a gif]

[add a gif]

However… there's a way to insert a GIF that will move without needing to be clicked on.

Follow the instructions below to add a GIF to a Google Doc, then go to File, Download and choose Microsoft Word.

Save the file and when you open it, the GIF will be animated.

Add a GIF to a Google Slide OR Google Doc

You can add a GIF to a Google Slide or Doc in the same way -- just by inserting an image. Additionally, in Google you can add a GIF with a direct URL. Let's take a look:

·     In your Google Slide or Doc, go to Insert and choose Image.

·     Now you have choices. You can Upload from computer, pick one from your Google Drive or Photos… or, if you select Search the web, enter .gif in the search box to find options.

[insert gif]

·     Additionally, if you find a GIF on a site like https://giphy.com that doesn't let you download the file, you can copy the GIF link to insert By URL.

·     In Giphy (or sites like it) click the Copy link option. Then in your Google Slide or Doc, use the Insert, Image and choose By URL. Paste the GIF's link you copied and it will appear in your slide or doc.



Communications: Writing
Secrets for Setting Yourself Apart in Job Hunting,
#2: Contribute to Their Success

Well, when you're out looking for another job it is so easy to be "self-focused." And why shouldn't you be? It's about you, right?

No, not really. Sure you want the challenge, you want the paycheck, but a job opening is about what the organization needs.

The trick to standing out from others is to approach the job market from the employer's point of view. And I'll tell you how to make that work for you.

Every business owner (organization director) has one thing in mind: building their "enterprise." If it's a library, it's about increasing program attendance, gaining community recognition and so on. If it's a business, it's growing the company.

What can you do to help make those things happen, you say?

There's no need to have concrete examples. You don't even have to be applying for a position that would noticeably be about growing the business. But if you come in with the attitude that you are there to help the organization succeed ... THAT sets you apart from 99% of the others.

Isn't that what you want? To be noticed as singularly different and willing to help the larger entity ... rather just wanting a job so you can pay your bills ... or "do something challenging."

Job hunting is not about you. It's about filling a slot that will help the organization.

Sooo, what do you do? How do you convey this attitude of supporting their success?

You tell them! In your cover letter, you add a sentence that says something like, "I look forward to making a difference and helping ABC Corporation grow." [Or your team, this division, etc.]

Make the words your own, but do convey an interest in contributing. That's why you're being hired. To make a difference.

Then, bring this contributing attitude to the interview. Tell them ... you want to help them succeed.

As an employer myself, this is what I look for. If you want to set yourself apart from all the others applying for the job you want, make sure they know your focus is on helping them prosper.

NOTE: See Secret #1 for Setting Yourself Apart <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_JReoBQ7x7JzUGYl2byRA2uIAWNdv-WF8w16_dpom76eAtVRZc9Er12ROxq8oBENEh1zesyeYYF2I4AXdZp3YIBAFgGV6e9ELIAWUFt2dksllxu0DZThuQBBtv7GqT_Y2H3S12rZ0wlT7UPAQThmDu5m6RzobmrvNF73duT3iVMg-_B4SQUAdJe7qCIJq2BOVmMPopKhGdjK&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==> in a previous Tech-Talk article.


Is your vision exciting?

A vision can be business sounding or written in simple common language.

It can be long or it can be short.

But it must to be something that the workforce understands, embraces and re-members to be effective. It needs to be exciting, inspirational, meaningful.

That's what has employees engaged. That's what keeps them focused and energized. That's what drives greater growth and prosperity.

Here are a few visions that fit the bill:

 “We are the leading provider of walking widgets in the world.”

“All our students are future hall-of-famers.”

 “ABC Inc. is the 'go-to' company home-owners trust throughout the state.”

What is the vision of your team, department, organization? Share it here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_Gh1GZhvauv7_0ZXbwORos8G85sZnDJ-FNGvLDuP9Bwc2qJRIuMEgYbwL-c1hbtlNbxO3A1DW7jbJ8AuxC5xm9WPKSbTltdWLTb3MrfD8FLrnjdcUSqasCBifs7Aoh2PAg==&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NKObjqyQCBReduNTXrLFBIaMFfoMeLDjJtqU58nv9SoNRCMxAbP2_McVDAITkIQdwKHtz2VDzu-_e2emVku5wmGcC0hxCWwgpX0qTgKZbh6aWeRRfE5Pfneq30FWhT3cXlAnrSr3XQiZ4a-bwP-301B3a4PimAZ6JRA6hILpoQ8=&c=wAxBrN0mpVuldHn_7V6jUpLO_BPN4naSysdtP0gyX3edWTOPGTjPEw==&ch=SrkuB4ewYNMTABhDmAG9EvL3OgO4Xu1mKzipV0LzYUji5412PyheOg==>

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