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To Chapters:

*Help ALA Track Libraries as Ballot Drop-Off Locations/Voting Locations*

The American Library Association is tracking libraries as voting locations
in states where it is eligible, as well as,  where they are serving as
ballot drop-off locations or early and/or election day voting/polling

The goal of this information gathering is to capture, as best as possible,
the number of libraries serving this role in the 2020 general election, and
as a benchmark for potential expansion in future elections.

If your library is serving as a voting location, please visit the ‘Libraries
as Locations for Ballot Drop-Boxes and/or In-Person Voting
webpage to see if your library is listed.

If you do not see your library listed, we would appreciate someone from
your library completing this form <https://airtable.com/shrLC4OdtnNt0umJC>
to add your library and the number of voting locations.

*Instructions for completing the submission form:*

   - For the website we are tracking ballot drop-off locations and on-site
   polling locations separately. If your library is both a ballot drop-off
   location and an in-person polling location list it in the form in each
   appropriate field. *Please include the library system* for each library.

   - If your library is both an early voting/polling location and an
   election day voting/polling location, count that as one location, not two.

   - We are not capturing early voting/polling locations and election day
   voting/polling locations separately during this part of the information
   collection effort. We know in some states it is only early voting/polling
   and in some states only election day voting/polling and in some both.

If you see that the information on your library needs to be updated, or
have clarification questions about inputting your information, please
contact Mariel Colbert at mcolbert at ala.org directly.

Apologies for the lengthy email and thanks to the ALA Chapters for all of
your assistance.

*This website is primarily for internal library community audience. It is
not intended for the public as a location to find days and hours of voting
opportunities. *

Thank you,


Michael Dowling


International and Chapter Relations Offices

American Library Association

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Chicago, IL 60601

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*Oregon Library Association Vice President, 2020-2021*
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