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 This Week's Topic: SOCIAL MEDIA

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Got a Completed LinkedIn Profile?
2. COMMUNICATING ... Never say "no" in an interview
3. LEADERSHIP ... The value of taking time to create a vision
4. WEBINARS ... Nov 4: Fillable Forms (Word &Google)<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA9BYHi5Irsa7Lj-aMmzFer0bkWb2KMOQH9QdmpRK-INGs6J0gNES7oW_uk_f_-RF8WQZmkLWpQ3ID_uxCJhHOVQ7gjyTUpyL-ITkcXkzfeP1lhjb-8FxKqvuu6QNqItr5WjZZahmxiIyjJDKFlKZ92o=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>, Nov 18: New Pedagogy for Online Learning... How to Get and Keep Students Engaged in Remote Situations<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA9BYHi5Irsa7SLTzU3trDRJh9D_T9LASKC1AAgFpMYZLty8Tz0JhJU7MApNzYKdXvvCTkLK0ZYhUajM_e93aq1DG6yCRlB4oNT15L6OvhlDTv95Abc_vTpdhmeJhxhYtW1T6huNujoUs30CxXS-2yxU=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>


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SOCIAL MEDIA - Got a Completed LinkedIn Profile?


Are you looking for a job, starting your own business, or maybe setting up a side hustle? You might want to consider setting up a LinkedIn account.

Even if you're not making changes in your career, having a current profile in LinkedIn has advantages.

Having a presence on this platform is still the place to go. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where your profile is a more powerful online version of your resume ... and can serve as a marketing brochure for your business or cause.

Did you know that there are 706 million+ users in more than 200 countries worldwide using this powerful platform?! You can see, then, the importance of having a complete and up-to-date- profile.

Let's take a look at: 1) Why you should have a LinkedIn account if you're job searching, 2) Benefits to keeping the profile current all the time ... even when you're happily employed, 3) How to set up your profile if you're new to this platform, and 4) Tips for job hunting.

TIP: When you have a personal LinkedIn account, you can then create pages for organizations/businesses, showcase sub-pages. and educational institutions.

1. Why Have An Account and a Profile?


No matter if you're fresh out of college, making a career change or ramping up your resume due to a layoff, creating a professional profile on LinkedIn is more than just posting your resume online.

Why set up a LinkedIn account?

·     You can be found. Recruiters and HR managers use LinkedIn to search for candidates to find new talent. 94% say they use LinkedIn regularly. And you can bet that if they Google your name, your LinkedIn profile will be on the first page of the search.

·     It is expected. Human Resource managers most likely will not only view your resume, but your LinkedIn profile as well.

·     LinkedIn provides links to your history. In setting up your profile, direct links to your former employers, to your recommendations and skill endorsements provides credibility and makes it easier for potential employers to learn about your history and strengths.

·     And in reverse, you can learn about organizations before applying. You can use this platform to research companies, recruiters, and hiring managers, which gives you valuable insight before submitting your resume or showing up to an interview.

2. Why Keep It Up? A Network for Credibility and the Future

So… what if you're happily employed and not looking for a change right now? Why should you pay attention to your LinkedIn profile?

·     The best time to build your profile and network is before you need it. Use the LinkedIn features like Recommendations and Skill Endorsements to strengthen your profile in your current position.

·     Build a network. Connect with colleagues, friends, classmates and others in your industry to stay up-to-date -- and have a ready-to-go network if you want to make a job change.

·     Join groups and engage. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has Groups that provide a place for professionals (in the same industry or with similar interests) to share insight, ask questions, and build connections. This helps you become known and seen and build your credibility.

·     Post to your profile. Keep your account fresh and updated. Share a blog post, write an article, or post photos and videos. This keeps you in front of those who you’ve connected with so your profile does not become old and stale.

Remember, your overall goal is to present your best self to the online world.

3. How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

If you don't have a profile yet, there is a simple setup tool for you. When you go to https://www.linkedin.com/reg/join<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA3TdNESxDyo0EqjUVhe0Hfq8vNa1MM_to9iecUWXXvgGOGDb6cH894SbUq-Zwt3S43INW4LHmh8IbEr41tUypQd8XUPOTh3__PU9Kxz5eYYt&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==> you'll be prompted through it. TIP: Do the best you can, knowing you can come back and edit it later. Plus, the fields you fill-in to create an account are the basics. There are more items you add once you have this skeleton.

A) Your Personal Information -- Name, email, etc.… Use your true name... this isn't a place for cute name handles.

B) Photos -- Choose an appropriately professional image. It doesn't have to be a boring studio shot, but should convey your personality. The image size recommended is 300x300 pixels in a JPG, GIF or PNG file type.

C) Don't leave the personal background image as the default. This is an opportunity to enhance your personal brand. Upload an image sized to 1584x396 pixels and it will display correctly.


D) About Section -- This part of your profile is a summary of your motivation, skills and history. It's your opportunity to shine! This section is not as formal as a resume. Write it as if you're having a conversation with someone.

·     Create an attention-grabbing first sentence to keep them reading.
·     Summarize your experience and specific accomplishments.
·     Give the reader the flavor of who you are that is relatable.
·     Express professional goals and interests outside of work.

You can use this section to convey an attitude of working to help the organization succeed ... so that it's not all about you, but the desire you have to always contribute for the greater good. (See Tech-Talk, "2 Secrets for Setting Yourself Apart - Part 2")<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA3TdNESxDyo09hnx0JqdojiY9BevVLldYuCqQClKbZ8qrFI3wIKKE9oDQxx8ef8kWBtWxcD71bWVxOjgZc6btGd0CXgzvi7HOwggnI_O8FSvsbDq7B7zUhawJ6TasU7r4ZEO4KXt3mSof-PQR7WhuIWfB69GdDjs0-AVwz22OMZWnJRPZLwBVjt7TI2nRD-tcRnZ2Q9BxYqr&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>

See this article for stellar "About" examples<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA3TdNESxDyo0piRaqwyWRm686vypHAWl0_JfTZDN4ih1UMWU_TC6iezG5KyWdjGfo8s7RtxE-iuEsJ_01jPmsOoM9Ogz0q9O-BwoR7CYAJfgHdeDgvi4U21CBpZzKGsE8ZByM9haFw89pP2gYAjX0zxxUznn-coINoGtjGIFBGOSTDUq9oGEkUodHyNL-lGIQPY1kh6o6yZqAhOII3lfcxwo66hpc_N4iNp3MGKe43Ii407ilB_u1LNcl-KCxsvh8ocb5w0IWm41&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>.

E) Experience -- Add relevant prior positions detailing your accomplishments. You don't have to put in everything. Tell what results you achieved. (See Tech-Talk article on "2 Secrets for Setting Yourself Apart - Part 1"<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA9BYHi5Irsa7OF5B08jDnvmtsCDMCNSkMC8KcZ-wjBj2oDDhA7s2eEjvQrLjG1s3rGWCEetdS8RgAa92gDEiq058NWTJz4IGc6octX_Fy-A9j2VZ9fqJ8An5x6YPOj1FHNB89aYo_WYTAJyXCyfSfekfoR8nrvtoQHGysw3bsuGOZejnSU8rJpHP0mtlEAsPQZeCJ15ypdQb&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>. Use numbers to show the impact your work made … like "Grew business 250%." Stick to about 4-5 bullets from your resume per position. Be concise.

F) Education -- Add your education history including special projects and achievements.

G) Skills, Assessments & Endorsements -- Use the tool to create a list of relevant Skills. And you can note specific skills you feel especially competent in, particularly within Microsoft Office along with oral and written communications. (These are two of the three most important skills employers want in new hires.)

[list of skills]

OPTIONAL: You can take specific Assessment Quizzes to verify your skills. These are multiple-choice quizzes / tests on very specific software programs. Based on your score you can get a "badge" to display. The results won't be posted unless you tell LinkedIn to share them. (We suggest considering these later; not in the initial setup.)

Once you've added a skill to your profile, they can be validated by your 1st-degree connections (those who have worked with you). NOTE: This is a different process from that of recommendations.


Recommendations -- This is a very powerful section of your profile to provide future employers direct feedback. Use the "Ask for a recommendation" tool in LinkedIn to connect with current and prior colleagues, clients, managers, etc. NOTE: You can also hide outdated or irrelevant recommendations that don't suit your current professional goals.


Interests -- Similar to Facebook's "Like" or Twitter's "Follow" options. You can select organizations or individuals to follow. Of course this can contain personal connections, but your interests should reflect professional interests as they will be seen by recruiters. To find organizations or people, when signed into your account, use the search box at the top of the screen. Then click the Follow (for organizations) or Connect (for individuals) button.


Once your profile is created, make sure you can be found. Add your LinkedIn handle to your resume, email signature and other social media platforms. To find your public profile URL (or customize it):

·     Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select View profile.
·     On your profile page, copy the URL (it begins with www.linkedin.com/in<http://www.linkedin.com/in>.)
·     Or, click Edit public profile & URL in the right column to customize it.
·     Save and Share.

4. Job Hunting Tip: Open Candidates


If you are actively looking for a job, make sure to use the Open Candidates feature. You can turn it on to let recruiters know that you are looking for a new position. Don't worry though, there is an option to keep it "hidden" from your current employer. To enable this feature:

·     Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select View profile.
·     Click the blue Add profile section button to the right of your image.
·     Select Intro and click Looking for a new job. (or access this from the Show recruiters you’re open to work box at the top of your LinkedIn Profile.)
·     Complete the requested info in the pop-up window.
·     CAUTION: You can choose whether all LinkedIn members or only recruiters. If you choose to share with all LinkedIn members, an "Open To Work" photo frame to your profile photo.
·     Click the Add to profile button.

Looking for More Job-Hunting Tips?

In the Tech-Talk.com database we have a whole Special Collection<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dAzGoOja6GeYoqwjtMH6pKQYOzNjoWvpljch4E-n2E5AgNDCCsADYBjCcsJXuZjGayYBfVLmpy4sQ2BRVhEvWd6x6nU6l29Vhh7r6Vo9BKVTIGyO7TAsfpiQ=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==> for job seekers. After logging in, on the top navigation tabs go to Learning Activities, then Special Collections, https://www.tech-talk.com/special-collections<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dAzGoOja6GeYoqwjtMH6pKQYOzNjoWvpljch4E-n2E5AgNDCCsADYBjCcsJXuZjGayYBfVLmpy4sQ2BRVhEvWd6x6nU6l29Vhh7r6Vo9BKVTIGyO7TAsfpiQ=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==> and find the Job Hunting section to find articles on: cover letter, interviewing, job searching, and resumes.

[job hunting]


Communications: Being Interviewed
Never say the "no" word

You've prepared for this interview. You're dressed professionally. You've thought about the questions you may be asked ... and how you would respond.

You know your stuff! You believe you are perfect for the job.

Things are going well, then you get asked, "Have you ever worked with [they mention a software program you don't know]?" e.g. QuickBooks or Photoshop.

You have not worked with the app. So what do you say? Obviously, you tell the truth. But you can do it in a way that yields a more positive response.

You never want to say the word "no" in an interview It brings things down.

So how do you respond, when the short answer would be "no"?

Here are a few ideas for conveying that you do not have the knowledge they are requesting, but you're a can-do person, ready for the job.

Phrases to trigger a new mindset:
·     "That's been a skill I have always wanted to learn."
·     "That's a powerful program and I feel strongly that I could get it under my belt quickly."
·     "I know Peachtree which is very similar to QuickBooks"

You get asked, "Do you enjoy working the desk?" (You don't.) But you're not going to start a sentence with the word "no."

You could reply with:
·     "I much prefer working one on one helping patrons with computers."
·     "It has it's challenging moments."
·     "I like answering people's questions."

You get the idea, right? Give the correct answer, but with a positive spin. It's OK to indicate that you don't know everything, but position the responses without the word "no" ... and avoid "not" also if you can.

Do you have another example? Tell us here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA3TdNESxDyo0EuU0Ur5N_kmAYvuKmF2NlDgmmt0wvsmgQFdusN6RC_MqrVDWrpx9fUcB78xPxu8C1fStXACH1UfoTiYddVWQtOcE5IkQbNN-ib0R0_DIjx90ncchhQesT_m8j47vYG3frr5ahyyG8bU=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>


The value of taking time to create a vision

“We wanted to be #1, but we never asked ourselves how we were going to accomplish it.

Then we jointly participated in, contributed to, and made decisions about ideas we had … finally gaining the insight for accomplishing that aspiration.

Being #1 was a wish; now it is a common vision.

Before, we said the words. Now we have one direction that we all take ownership of.

The difference between the day before our workshop and the day after is phenomenal! The mind-set, the mood, the interaction … the way Staff works with each other to provide positive solutions … is proof of our work's effectiveness.

We are now bonded as a team with a common Vision.”

 ~ Joel F. Beeby, Iroquois Job Corps Center

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pLZuFnujpVx17G7ZuZJZRBJR2NYlzM6op4qt48tUOYoDinCDsV5dA2G3eyvyRvCkzvxGcRyBV1yAQDy7Xe__krqaEH1ayG0ok4r2zqSi0r1OSZ01YXbD3m_BI6rvNU-ZFpud9Eo7gXPlqWUphNT7TVR2D335t84mDiOzDZQbOkk=&c=6x1E-C3FVgILqrlusKfX9eTWcu6IBuRUrxi2GCMfoYkwfnw4wZy52w==&ch=9dsg_ckvp2h8Zpnj8RBTScB5zRo4fSsqhw-As61PbuApHUTaPtnsjw==>

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