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Greetings and welcome to the latest issue of Tech-Talk!

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Confused about the apps on your mobile device?


This Week's Topic: MOBILE

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Getting Started Using Apps on Your Phone
2. COMMUNICATING ... Getting your ideas heard
3. LEADERSHIP ... Your three major roles

·     Apr 14: PowerPoint (G-Slides): Getting Started with Simple Basics
·     Apr 28: Discover Windows 10's Paint and Paint 3D Graphic Tools
·     May 12: Create a Video from Your PowerPoint Presentation
·     May 26: Create Charts to Display Data in Excel and G-Sheets

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MOBILE - Getting Started Using Apps on Your Phone

So many people are now getting new cell phones ... probably smartphones (meaning they can get to the internet on it, not just make calls). Others are opting for iPads or tablets (again, with access to the internet). This means that a whole new world of technology is opening up for these folks.

With smartphones (and all the "apps" that they have) there's a little bit of a learning curve in using these features so that you can get the most out of your device.

Before we show you some important tips, let's start with the first basic ... knowing what type of smartphone you have. ... which operating system (OS) your device uses. Essentially they fall into two different "worlds."

[iOS vs Android]

1. APPLE. Apple makes both the iPhone and iPad (any device that starts with an "i"). The Mac computer is also part of the Apple family of products. The operating system is referred to as iOS.

These two mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) come preloaded with apps (specialized software) like Safari, (to browse the Internet); FaceTime (to talk to someone face-to-face), and Siri (a digital assistant that answers you when you verbally ask a question).

2. ANDROID. Cell phones and tablets in the Android world are Google-based (instead of Apple). There are a bunch of smartphone brands using this platform such as Samsung, Nexus, and Motorola to name a few. And yes, even Google has a smartphone. Plus you'll see Google apps such as Google Drive and Google Search preloaded on Android devices.

Both the Apple and the Android world of devices do the same types of things. But it's important for you to know which one you have so that you can download the correct apps.

NOTE: Although 98.7% of all US phones are Apple or Android, there is a small percentage of Windows phone users as well as Blackberry.

Mobile Apps

OK, so now that you know what type of smartphone you have, it's time to figure out what apps you want on it ... what you want to do with the phone.

Apps are essentially software programs that work on your device. Some (like a Solitaire game) just sit on your phone and no where else.

Others (like a bank app) sync up to "the cloud" (get stored on the internet) so that you can access the content from your phone, tablet or your computer.

So what kind of apps do you want? When you purchased your smartphone, it came with some basic apps: email, internet, photos, etc. But there's a whole world of apps available out there. Let's take a look at a few popular groupings.

[mobile apps]

·     Restaurants - like Panera or Starbucks so that you can place a to-go order quickly.
·     Grocery Stores - so that you can access your member account and digital coupons.
·     Banking - to see your account details, scan to deposit checks, transfer funds, pay someone.
·     Social Media - so you can post to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
·     Ride-sharing - for ordering ride services from Lyft or Uber.
·     Tech-Talk<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IpgklreHy10NoM8Man3vqAxJHhP-zF0XZJpqduz9RFxB9ewc5PR-aJ81AAOGcm20QmNgcaB2zpk5K6YfN3BPwxIGoS1GKu8lLnHRnkWoOpgx0lF3LepWc_U6JhisxsuxoFS-WZSqhL96tITW059KRPveWwo7JCbj&c=ipr1Syj4GNYTdhc84S-046glACvqDArrhW_ofJXHVJnMZw-jvTLAww==&ch=zMQSDTk9I5fyZx5H4St9Tl7Dtyi89n6TLpH1q9vZ04_3hzsgt7YvHg==> - of course you can use the Tech-Talk app to read more articles like this!

Where Do You Get New Apps?

Other than the apps that come with your phone, you can download new ones to use by going to the App Store on an iPhone ... or to Google Play on an Android device.

Things to consider before you download a new app so that you get a quality app and the feature that you want.

·     Be aware that some are free, but many apps have a one-time (or monthly cost), so be sure to pay attention.

·     To check that the app is reliable, you can see what other people say about it by checking the star ratings and by scrolling down under the description to the Reviews section.

·     View the number of app downloads. The more people who have tried it, the more it is liked and used.

·     Look at the app icon and compare it to another source such as their website page. Is it the correct one, not a copycat?

iPhone: How to Download New Apps

[app store icon]

If you have an iPhone (or other Apple/iOS device):

·     Tap the blue App Store icon as shown here.

·     Next, tap the Search icon in the bottom right to open the Search window and type in the app name.

[Search for an app]

[download app]

·     Scroll through the list to find the app you want. Note that there are often ads for apps at the top that are competitors of the one you may be seeking. When you find the one you want, tap the Get button to the right of it.

·     You'll be prompted to confirm the installation by entering your passcode or using Touch ID. Or, you may be asked to double-click the side button to activate Face ID and confirm the installation.

·     The app will begin installing. Once finished it will display on the Home screen of your iPhone.

·     If you have a lot of apps, you may have to scroll (by swiping right to left on your iPhone's display) to your second or third Home screen page to find it.

Android: How to Download New Apps

[Google Play]

To download new apps for your Android device:

·     Tap the Google Play icon on your phone.

·     Use the Search option to find the app you want to download. Or select a category, such as Games or Movies & TV or other filters.


·     Tap the Install button.

·     When the download is complete, click the Open option.

Now that you know WHAT an app is and HOW to download one to your phone, you can learn more...

You'll find this great Tech-Talk article on how to:
·     Find missing apps
·     Group your apps into folders
·     Organize and find your apps quickly

You can read the article or watch the video on this topic at


Communicating: Talking
Reducing resistance to your suggestions

You want to be helpful, right? You've got an idea you want to share. How can you express it in a way that will give you the best chance of acceptance?

Most people think they can handle things on their own; they think that they don't need help from others. So when a suggestion is coming their way, the initial thought (even if not consciously) is to be wary of it.

Here's how you can circumvent that resistance, and open the gates to receptivity:

Ask permission to share the idea, suggestion, feedback.

Here are two approaches that work especially well:
·     May I share an observation?
·     Would you like to hear an idea?


Your three major roles
(Job Description Series, Part 2)

As you know, the roles you take on at work are typically not the same as your title or position. You have one title; you will have several roles. You wear a number of different hats!

Instead of thinking of your role as Director, Assistant Librarian or Bookkeeper, think of all the tasks that you do ... and lump them together in two or three categories. Imagine these groupings as the different hats you wear in your position.

Here are some examples to trigger your imagination to suit your situation:
·     Department Management
·     Facilities Management
·     Patron Support
·     Reference Desk
·     Circulation
·     Event Coordination
·     Strategy Development
·     Financial Management
·     Materials Handling
·     And so on ...

Take this worksheet <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IpgklreHy10NoM8Man3vqAxJHhP-zF0XZJpqduz9RFxB9ewc5PR-aAOhhQfWx1IuHxBz8HZjPiy6zn8shYh55CBFwGMxEsia719tkIWApbNkAmDOmgBjlS1Fha_22F_WOwEPaLwAPhSpTTy81huHezOe23sLkzOmO7giLWbPU3ctqGRwn19Kh73cpokldqAusDeg0Fz-bLCoAfUK1-IOSdvPt2XFe-k-gXzCJ0Idu0Q=&c=ipr1Syj4GNYTdhc84S-046glACvqDArrhW_ofJXHVJnMZw-jvTLAww==&ch=zMQSDTk9I5fyZx5H4St9Tl7Dtyi89n6TLpH1q9vZ04_3hzsgt7YvHg==> (or create one like the image below), filling in one to three different roles/hats you wear. List in the boxes with the tasks you've identified on last week's exercise<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IpgklreHy10NoM8Man3vqAxJHhP-zF0XZJpqduz9RFxB9ewc5PR-aAOhhQfWx1IuRZ4jl4vSKK6H8CNpL1ujWvwkyaRzpuqRDBkd5tAmwPTsszFs-6Gs1XcdUPKEvu6bYRTSWScgUpyZncE5jfihG6_NhR0OtKIGttVcBpgo96uEA01trRx8I1lkp0g0PfNu&c=ipr1Syj4GNYTdhc84S-046glACvqDArrhW_ofJXHVJnMZw-jvTLAww==&ch=zMQSDTk9I5fyZx5H4St9Tl7Dtyi89n6TLpH1q9vZ04_3hzsgt7YvHg==>.

NOTE: We'll explain more about the Team Player role / hat in the next article. For now, if you have something that doesn't fit in the three hats you have listed, toss it into Team Player.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IpgklreHy10NoM8Man3vqAxJHhP-zF0XZJpqduz9RFxB9ewc5PR-aIePCZXI1pkdfUc0jjdDlXOQ_-x_H_VrnvGtqWx8IfKoCMz2dPfCdn5Ya-w0nTuKD-xeJqtaY9NupWCAfBer1HXa5Q17_msdzt6LPfAApSpiTZnLCN__z3c=&c=ipr1Syj4GNYTdhc84S-046glACvqDArrhW_ofJXHVJnMZw-jvTLAww==&ch=zMQSDTk9I5fyZx5H4St9Tl7Dtyi89n6TLpH1q9vZ04_3hzsgt7YvHg==>

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