[Libs-Or] Important votes at business meeting at OLA Conference this Thursday

OLA Vice President olavp at olaweb.org
Mon Apr 19 14:11:04 PDT 2021

While there are many wonderful sessions to attend at this year’s OLA
Conference, we don’t want members to forget to attend the annual business
on Thursday, April 22, from 2:45-3:45 pm. This is your opportunity to have
your voice heard on five issues that will be voted on by membership:

·  Making REFORMA Oregon
a current Round Table of OLA, into a division of OLA, giving it more say on
the OLA Executive Board

·  Making the EDI/Antiracism Committee
currently a special (i.e. temporary) committee, into a permanent committee
of OLA.

·  Renaming the Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Committee
the Awards Committee.

·  Revising the bylaws to allow the OLA membership to vote on creating new
divisions via online ballot, rather than only during a membership meeting.

·  Amending the bylaws to require the turnout for an online vote on a
bylaws amendment to match the turnout required for a vote during live
meeting on a bylaws amendment.

Please see this document
for details on each of these matters.

Some of these votes may seem bureaucratic, but they address important
issues of whose voices are heard in the Association and ensuring that there
are accessible ways for OLA members’ votes to be heard, even if they cannot
attend a live meeting. So please attend the meeting and vote! Note: Only
current OLA members may vote on these matters, and we need at least 10% of
the membership to be at the meeting (between 90-100 members) in order for
these measures to pass. Even if you’re not a current OLA member, though, it
would be great to have you at the annual business meeting!

If you have any questions on any of these matters, you may contact OLA
Parliamentarian Buzzy Nielsen at olaparliamentarian at olaweb.org or
Arlene Weible

*Oregon Library Association Vice President, 2020-2021*
*olavp at olaweb.org <olavp at olaweb.org>*
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