[Libs-Or] Seeking Public Library Spanish language collection information

Schultz, Geralyn schultz at wilsonvillelibrary.org
Wed Jan 6 11:41:41 PST 2021


I'm a volunteer grant writer for Libros for Oregon, a committee under REFORMA.  We buy Spanish language materials at the Guadalajara International Book Fair on behalf of public, academic and school libraries in Oregon.

I'm interested in acquiring data about public libraries in Oregon that isn't available in the State Library of Oregon library statistics.  The information you provide will ultimately help us serve Latinos in Oregon through libraries whether or not our grant is funded.

1. What percentage of your library collection consists of Spanish language materials?

2. What percentage of residents in your service area speak Spanish?

(Question 1 is the most important to us, so if you can't easily obtain the answer for question 2, I can find some answers from the Census Bureau.)

Thank you very much for your help on this!


Geralyn Schultz

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