[Libs-Or] Invitation to Participate in Survey re Non-English Materials & Academic Librarians

Linda Ueki Absher absherl at pdx.edu
Tue Jan 12 10:18:38 PST 2021

(Note: Survey deadline has been extended to February 15th.)

We invite you to participate in a survey of the attitudes and practices of
academic librarians related to non-English resources.

Purpose of Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the factors and cues that may
influence academic librarians in the United States and Canada to offer
non-English materials to patrons.The survey is anonymous and will take
approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. We plan to use the results to
assess if librarians suggest non-English resources in their practice, and
if so, what factors prompt such an offer.

Confidentiality of Data

All data collected will be kept confidential and only used in the
aggregate. If examples are used they will be reworded to hide any detail
that may identify either the respondent or applicant. The results will be
used in aggregated form only.

Informed Consent

Since this is a web-based instrument, each respondent gives their consent
to participate in the survey by choosing to complete the survey form.
Participation is strictly voluntary, and involves no coercion or deception.
Any respondent may freely withdraw from the survey after reading the
guarantees of privacy and confidentiality.

If you wish to participate, and have not already done so, please click on
the following link and complete the survey:

The survey will close on February 15, 2021.

If you have questions, please contact Linda Ueki Absher at absherl at pdx.edu
or Michelle Desilets at desilets at pdx.edu.


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