[Libs-Or] Looking for fiction featuring young black queer girl who is depicted as happy!

Michele A. Spatz mspatz at uw.edu
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Hi Christine,

Maybe Little & Lion<https://nnlm.gov/all-of-us/nnlm-reading-club/little-lion> by Brandy Colbert? A YA novel, it was a featured title for one of the NNLM Reading Club’s selections celebrating June’s LGBQT+ Health. I embedded the link to the NNLM Reading Club’s plot description and will also post it here in case embedding it doesn’t work for you: https://nnlm.gov/all-of-us/nnlm-reading-club/little-lion


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This is my first submission, is this type of request appropriate for this listserv?

I am hoping to help a client/patient of a friend of mine who works in the mental health industry. We are seeking to fulfill her request to read a novel that features a queer black girl protagonist who experiences happiness and joy as part of the plot.

I welcome any and all leads—

Thank you!


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