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Welcome to the latest issue of Tech-Talk!

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What email provider do you pick?


This Week's Topic: EMAIL

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... How to Get a Free Web-Based Email Account
2. COMMUNICATING ... Are you "willing and able"...?
3. LEADERSHIP ... Are you consistently recognizing an employee's value?

·     June 23: [EXCEL] Simple Formulas to Make Spreadsheet Calculations Easier
·     July 7: [VIDEO] Breeze Through Video-Making in Canva
·     July 21: [EXCEL/G-SHEETS] Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Table Charts

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EMAIL - How to Get a Free Web-Based Email Account

You've managed to get along fine without an email address, but now you need one. It seems this form of communication is tied to anything you try to do online… from ordering a product to logging into an account.

Or perhaps...


·     You have an email address that came with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) ... like sally at comcast.net<mailto:sally at comcast.net> or joe at att.net<mailto:joe at att.net>. However, you don't want to be tied to your ISP going forward, so you need a new email.

·     You'd like to be able to read your email from anywhere as you travel a lot and don't want to be restricted to a desktop software program like Outlook.

·     Maybe you're ditching your computer and working from a tablet or a smartphone, and want to pull your email down via a mail app.

In all of these cases, you'll want to look at Web email services. What does that mean?

There are Two Basic Types of Email Services:

[email providers]
1. Desktop Software - This is when you access your email through a program (like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail). Your email is pulled down from a server and you view it via software on your computer.

2. Webmail – This is where you log into a place on the Internet to read and compose email (like Gmail or Yahoo). Your email is stored "in the cloud," rather than on your computer... so you can get to it from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

How Do You Pick an Email Provider?

OK, let's say you want a webmail platform so that you can access email from anywhere. It's probably not a surprise that Gmail is hands-down the obvious choice. This free tool is simple to use and it is excellent at keeping spam out of your Inbox.

Other features you'll like:


·     You get 15 GB of space for emails and saved files. (That's a lot!)

·     You can schedule the time to send an email out later which lets you set it and forget it.

·     You can snooze messages so they are stored in a folder and appear back in your Inbox later so you don't forget them.

·     You can send confidential emails that expire within a specific period of time upon receipt so that it's not sitting out there for long.

·     You can enjoy sentence auto-complete – just start typing and Gmail will "learn" your common phrases.

·     You can automatically filter emails into categories with such groups as Promotions, Social, and Updates.

·     This email tool offers integration with other Google services like Google Drive, Calendar, Photos.

There's more! You can see Tech-Talk article on Gmail features here<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WHP0HnUgVvnysBNfjm4R5TWVK0ur6Qmc5fwF7-rsi6kKGKlFYzugVW5_Cy3wgLF6HjcX_INQ2YXrkkQ8piFKE-Lu0U8XBpMLBrM2oTIf2UVNzCwiCdmtraHQ23x7WMIcNTVJsMq_uyqFb3L-e1J5UxYar1riPdqVTmJnOP7Jlxhji1Kry6LSRUwHssRroqa5&c=VCnJACTg5ujtI22JG71zAP4z-XaNmKSivz_OE1pXFizWj1yKYFJ2gg==&ch=lpQy42Ssc1n1w5O81TSyKYjdDpRxNBSBiiVj0HVtVCEYEJZtbPdxHQ==>.

Setting Up Your Account

To set up a Gmail account, just go to www.gmail.com<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WHP0HnUgVvnysBNfjm4R5TWVK0ur6Qmc5fwF7-rsi6kKGKlFYzugVRlwujkBi52TGeUowmozgg8HBn-DXt0k5d-pDwkfKE56KiVz69Ofv50wGkBm-4kuB353PD84pnWb1y_m4EWvr8E=&c=VCnJACTg5ujtI22JG71zAP4z-XaNmKSivz_OE1pXFizWj1yKYFJ2gg==&ch=lpQy42Ssc1n1w5O81TSyKYjdDpRxNBSBiiVj0HVtVCEYEJZtbPdxHQ==> and follow the prompts to create your email. And after your account is set up, you can view your email in any Internet browser by going to www.gmail.com<http://www.gmail.com>.

·     Click on Create an Account

·     Choose For Myself (unless you're starting a business and adding an email)

·     Create the front end of your email that will end with "@gmail.com." Try to choose something that will be meaningful to you ... and be recognizable to others as your email. Because a lot of first-name, last-names have been taken you need to be a bit creative. e.g. janedoesupermom or janeloveslife. Or, you can choose something that Gmail will suggest. NOTE: You don't have to pick one they might propose (they are often weird). Just keep trying new ones until you find what you like and can share with other easily.

TIP: Because only letters, numbers and periods are allowed (no hyphens or other symbols), you can often get what you want by adding a period. e.g. jane.doe

NOTE: Yes, you'll have to put in your birthday and gender. There's a link that explains why. Then, scroll down and Agree to the Terms.


How to Get Your Gmail on a Mobile Device

To access email on your mobile phone or tablet, you can view it with the Email App that's automatically on your device ... or you can use the Gmail app (which you may have to go get in your app store). The Gmail app on your phone and tablet gives you a similar look and feel as the email on your desktop.

[Gmail app]

If you have an iPhone or iPad, it's handy to use the Gmail app:

·     Go to the App Store icon and search for "Gmail – Gmail by Google" and install it.
·     Follow the prompts to enter your email address and password to set up the app on your device.

TIP: Want more information about apps on a phone? See this article!<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WHP0HnUgVvnysBNfjm4R5TWVK0ur6Qmc5fwF7-rsi6kKGKlFYzugVQEZYiSsMnLHiH0jrp_YJQSVwoIcXF_4ckFnVaBwhzA7A_Iqe1kcan3AQvaqIrt1ZfYHnhmPo9zA4FXxBmLKnawcxzCAlzbVXNZ6XUwlO42_-VSdaj_evEYgBegUEAMLb-ofxbVUCw8mVpkktMd_onx-9VEyXKZqtw==&c=VCnJACTg5ujtI22JG71zAP4z-XaNmKSivz_OE1pXFizWj1yKYFJ2gg==&ch=lpQy42Ssc1n1w5O81TSyKYjdDpRxNBSBiiVj0HVtVCEYEJZtbPdxHQ==>

For an Android device, you can set it up on the Mail app that comes with the phone:

·     Open the Settings app and scroll down and tap Mail.
·     Select Accounts, Add Account, and chose Google.
·     Click Continue and follow the prompts to enter your Gmail email and password.

[gmail app]

Don't want to use Gmail? There are other free options out there, here are a few popular choices.

·     Yahoo Mail - Offers an extraordinary amount of space with 1 TB of free storage
·     Outlook.com - Microsoft's free version of email (not Outlook software)
·     iCloud - For the Apple iOS world… Mac and iPhone, iPad

For more help with email, see over 60 articles in Tech-Talk.com about using email. Just click here: https://www.tech-talk.com/category/topic/email<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WHP0HnUgVvnysBNfjm4R5TWVK0ur6Qmc5fwF7-rsi6kKGKlFYzugVaHGqbas00OJIp3xGBPjT33mS8LFHwmAx-6H_vmtTlVsNXp0dvDQjSYVGjA7TebtLhP5pM4w8UETXtlmCbm5qOPXc-3kSSCbALLiAxGPVfY5SAhNCJI0v390YbKwQ-XeyQ==&c=VCnJACTg5ujtI22JG71zAP4z-XaNmKSivz_OE1pXFizWj1yKYFJ2gg==&ch=lpQy42Ssc1n1w5O81TSyKYjdDpRxNBSBiiVj0HVtVCEYEJZtbPdxHQ==>


Communicating: Writing
Want to get someone to help?

Let's say you've got a request you want to put in writing. Here's a tip that will have the reader more inclined to be of help.

First, in your mind assume that the reader is "willing and able" to be of assistance.

For instance, you may be asking for a refund, an extension of time or a replacement item. Whatever your need, when you send a letter, start out by conveying the fact that you're assuming they are willing and able to take the action you request.

I'm writing to you because I believe you are
willing and able to help me. Here's the situation...

Right away, you've started with a positive approach and, in a sense, challenged the reader to prove you wrong (which of course they won't want to do.)


Consistency wins!

When was the last time you recognized an employee (or a friend or a family member) for something positive?

The human spirit thrives on positive feedback. It's so simple to give. It costs nothing. And yet we tend to overlook this great tool.

As a leader in your workplace, you can achieve greater success by consistently recognizing the folks with which you work. You'll see a difference.

How about sitting down and writing a specific plan. Maybe it's something like...

I'm going to make sure I compliment at least one person every day.
We're going to have each team member recognize a colleague
in our staff meetings on a regular basis.
I'm going to propose an Employee Recognition Board, where anyone (including me) can post a recognition about something they've observed.
We'll vote on a $20 gift card each month.

[Ask a question]<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WHP0HnUgVvnysBNfjm4R5TWVK0ur6Qmc5fwF7-rsi6kKGKlFYzugVRtx1MGLScYUY33iPs2hidhGO8L7uV3q8DNefwLbwK7P-T0y83ICuyWS4dq9tVcbN4Tsjd2xgZo27n3ADAru2uZX5PcXgv5IWW693Qd1GrmawZYuHeWqJA8=&c=VCnJACTg5ujtI22JG71zAP4z-XaNmKSivz_OE1pXFizWj1yKYFJ2gg==&ch=lpQy42Ssc1n1w5O81TSyKYjdDpRxNBSBiiVj0HVtVCEYEJZtbPdxHQ==>

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