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Hello everyone,

We invite you to join us next week to attend the upcoming free symposium regarding misinformation and mistrust regarding COVID-19. View the brief (1:07 minute) promotional video<https://youtu.be/Jq7WYliO5no>.

Responding to the COVID-19 Infodemic: An NNLM Virtual Symposium
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disparities of underserved, minority, and underrepresented communities. This includes ensuring equal understanding of accurate health information, education in hard hit communities, and valuing inclusion in clinical research to overcome COVID-19.

The NNLM Virtual Symposium: Responding to the COVID-19 Infodemic is an opportunity to address misinformation and mistrust, raise awareness about the pandemic, and efforts to combat it. Symposium attendees can expect to come away from the 2-day experience with a better understanding of COVID-19 and share strategies and programs to engage with your community.

Who should attend the symposium?
NNLM invites anyone who is interested in learning more about information-related issues during COVID-19, which includes, but is not limited to: health professionals, librarians, researchers, community-based organization staff, and students.

Dates and times:
April 8-9,2021
Each day from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PT


Outreach and Education: Libraries and Information

  *   Can You Make Us a Library? Building a COVID-19 FAQ for a Volunteer Team Supporting Senior Residential Facilities in NH During the Pandemic

  *   COVID-19 Educational Support Team: Librarians, Physicians, and Medical Students Collaborate to Synthesize COVID-19 Research for Clinicians

  *   Dispelling Misinformation and Disinformation about COVID-19 Through a Multidisciplinary Teaching Module

  *   Creation and Provision of Reliable COVID-19 and Vaccine Information for Consumers through Programming and Resources: Opportunities for Librarians

WHO Infodemic: Global Perspective and Outreach and Education: Health Sciences

  *   Listening to Community Concerns in the COVID-19 Infodemic: A WHO Digital Approach

  *   50 Global Actions to Manage the COVID-19 Infodemic: a WHO Framework

  *   Health Care Workers and the COVID-19 Infodemic: A Quandary of Quantity, Quality and Delivery

  *   COVID-19 Infodemic: Community Health Workers (CHWs) Bridge the Gap

  *   A Pilot Study of Medical Misinformation Perceptions and Training Among Practitioners in North Carolina

Addressing the Infodemic Online

  *   The Role of the Crowd in Countering Misinformation: A Case Study of the COVID-19 Infodemic

  *   @Dear Pandemic: A Social-Media Based COVID-19 Science Communication Campaign

  *   The Anti-vaccination Movement's Use of Black & Brown Bodies to Promote Distrust in the COVID Vaccine

  *   Librarians and Health Professionals Partner to Address Health Information Needs in Time of COVID-19 through Podcast and Other Digital Technologies

  *   Wiki-demic: The Rise of Wikipedia in the Battle Against COVID-19 Disinformation

Free registration<https://nnlm.vfairs.com/en/registration> is now open on the symposium website

Sessions will be held in Zoom

Carolyn Martin, MLS, AHIP | Consumer Health Coordinator
NNLM Pacific Northwest Region
University of Washington Health Sciences Library
Box 357155
Seattle, WA 98195-7155
martinc4 at uw.edu<mailto:martinc4 at uw.edu>

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