[Libs-Or] Innovation is Crucial to Success: Antiracism is Crucial to Innovation

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New blog post on Lowrider Librarian:

Innovation is so much more than technology!  True innovation will only come
> when we break the incestuous cycle of white supremacist knowledge
> production.  We need new voices and those voices are standing right here.
> Real innovation will come when people who created Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock and
> Roll--when the people who created flavor in American cuisine and who pretty
> much generate American culture throughout the continent are involved in
> information production and knowledge creation.  Indigenous, Black, Brown,
> and other people of color will create a groundswell like never before once
> they are allowed to fully function within the academy.  We will change
> education's structures, its techniques, its goals, its meaning.  We are the
> harbingers of change and we are here now.

You can read the rest here
if you like.

Thank you!

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