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Patrick Goodman PatrickG at wccls.org
Fri Oct 14 16:59:18 PDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

   At the last OYAN meeting in Newport, a number of people listed a book series (that garnered a general groan due to series length) as their current read. Could anyone please remind me which series this is, as I'm in dire need of a fiction book. For anyone who likes non-fiction, I'm reading Gorgon by Peter Ward right now, which has been really interesting.

   Also, for history buffs, if you haven't heard of Mike Duncan's free podcast on the history of Rome, subscribe today. He's pretty far into everything, but it's well worth starting right at the beginning. Each podcast is only about 15-22 minutes, and very easy to follow. I used to have a pretty healthy dislike for Roman history, but no longer.

  Hopefully, I'll see everyone at the next meeting. have a great weekend.


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