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To let you know a bit about what the position entails, I spend usually  two-to-four hours a week on emails, phone calls, updates and the like.  This includes the time spent on OLA board and annual conference committee duties.  A couple of weeks more time has been required (leading up to the OYAN officer steering committee meeting, for example).  I probably spend a couple of hours over one or two days prepping for each quarterly meeting (you can use past meetings as a framework).   Then there is the time for the membership meetings themselves, which you may already be attending already.  However, different people have different work styles, so you may be more efficient than I am.

Being on the state board requires about 5 hours every other month for a meeting. With travel time,  this can really get into that particular Friday.  However, with go-to-meeting, you can cut out the travel time and cost.  As an OLA Board Rep, there is also a retreat at Silver Falls during the Summer (it's fun!).

Now, while we would love to see your shining face at every OYAN membership meeting, you are not required to be at these quarterly meetings until next fall late summer.   For your first year (as vice-chair/chair elect), while you need to be present at these meetings, you can opt to attend these meetings remotely via conference call or virtually via go-to-meeting software (saving travel time and cost).  It would not be for a year-and-a-half (Sept 2013) in which your physical presence will be required (illness and death in the family are still an acceptable out!).  Heck, by then we might do all of our meetings remotely by our collaborative software.  You could lead that charge!

As the chair elect/vice chair your big duty will be the raffle.  Over the past couple of years we have divided up this task among several people, so this task requires much less time than it did in the past and much of it over only one month.  You'll still need to coordinate everyone's raffle donation requests and you'll spend time at the annual conference at the raffle table.  Even with the table you can often find others to take turns at the table so you can attend some conference sessions.

You'll probably end up on the conference session committee.  This will probably require a couple of one-hour meetings via conference call/go-to-meeting and one visit to the site.  My visit to the site was in Bend, so that was a pretty lengthy day.  The one you'd do would be in Salem (in 2014), so that may be considerable closer, depending on your location.  Even so, you may be able to hand  this committee membership to someone else, which hopefully will get them involved in an OYAN leadership position for future office.

If you don't think you'll have the time all of these tasks and would prefer to spilt the chair position with someone else, the best natural break would be to have someone plan/run the meetings and plan/organize for the conference sessions OYAN presents and sponsors.   The other person can attend the OLA board meetings, give those reports at the OYAN meetings, and then assist as needed with following up on emails, planning, programming et al.  Either could be on the conference session planning committee.

As the chair really have a say on how OYAN operates that year.  Depending on your preferred work-style, you can be a consensus-builder, a facilitator for others pet projects, or if you are more hands-on, steer our division towards your vision and priorities.

Trust me when I say there are a lot of people willing to give you a hand, offer advice, give you reminders, hand-hold you through the first months, take on tasks when you're unavailable, and laugh at your corny jokes!

If you think you only want to co-chair, I may have one person willing to co-chair alongside you.  If you want to do it on your own, all's the better!!

Get back to me if you think this for you!

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