[OYAN] Are teens replacing Facebook with another social networking tool?

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The teens do seem to use Facebook still, but it has been trending downward. I've quizzed my Teen Library Council about this several times and they say they're using Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram a lot, but they still seem to be using Facebook more. I think it's just become so integrated they barely notice. The social networking they seem to use the most is texting. While there are still teens without cell phones, those that do have them text all the time and use them as IM machines. I struggled to come up with a handy way to contact Teen Library Council members until I started using gmail to text them.

Hope this helps!


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Hi all,
I've been just learning about teens moving away from Facebook as a social networking tool of choice, and wondered if you have found this to be the case of teens in your libraries? And, if so, if they are talking about other online hang-outs or social media tools that they're using?
I've found some interesting articles, like this one<http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/are-teens-abandoning-social-networks> and this one<http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/10/facebook-still-reigns-supreme-with-teens-but-social-media-interest-dwindling/>, about national trends, but wondered about connecting with local teens and their trends. Any insight for a n00b librarian??


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