[OYAN] Artists for 2015 Summer Reading ("Heroes")

Abbie Anderson aanderson at cclsd.org
Tue Apr 30 22:26:14 PDT 2013

Hello again, scintillating teen service savants!

It is my great pleasure to pass on to you the names and websites of the 
artists whom CSLP is now actively courting to produce Summer Reading art 
for the 2015 theme of "Heroes". It was very exciting to be a part of the 
voting at the annual CSLP meeting this year, in my role as your CSLP 

For Teens, the slogan will be: "Unmask!"

The artists we're aiming for:

Faith Erin Hicks (http://www.faitherinhicks.com/index.php)

Hope Larson (http://www.hopelarson.com/)

Andrey Gordeev (http://www.behance.net/Gordei)

Cliff Chiang (http://www.cliffchiang.com/)

Skottie Young (http://skottieyoung.com/)

I think you'll agree we have some pretty squee-erific names on that 

For Youth (kids), the slogan will be: "Every Hero Has A Story".

The artists we're aiming for:

Peter Brown (http://www.peterbrownstudio.com/)

John Rocco (http://roccoart.com/)

Ralph Cosentino (http://ralphcosentino.com/)

Jarrett Krosoczka (http://www.studiojjk.com/)

Mini Grey (http://minigrey.com/)

2015 may seem far off, but after we "Spark a Reaction" next year, we'll 
be ready to be Heroes. Because we are. Every day.


Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library

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