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I'm planning a Spring Break Divergent event as well. I have the odd
restriction that - because of some renovations in the building - I will
have to make it work in our auditorium, which means I'm trying to blend
things that can be "interesting" on a stage with things that can be done
in chairs or in the lobby.
Anyway, my general plan is to have the kids go through "testing
stations" to determine which Divergent faction they should belong to. I
clearly have lots of details work out, but here are my notes:
- Candor - Play "Two Truths and Lie" to determine your skills as a
- Abnegation - A variation on the game we played at the last OYAN
workshop, where one partner builds a Lego structure and gives
instructions to the other to build it
- Erudite - Who Owns the Zebra?
Amity - Teamwork activity in which a pair or group has to get all
members across an imaginary acid river using tin cans and planks and
other props without anyone falling in. I'll need to look up details, but
remember something like this from a high school gym class.
Dauntless -- I wrote down "blind feely things" by which I think I meant
sticking your hand into a box with horrible-to-feel stuff inside. At
this point, this is my weakest idea, but has the advantage of not
actually being life-threatening (which most of my other ideas would be.)

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Hi Everyone,
I’m having a Divergent party during spring break.  I know some of you
have already done this type of party and I’m hoping you will share your
Aimee Meuchel
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