[OYAN] Research In Context: Gale's New Middle School Database

Jennifer Maurer jennifer.maurer at state.or.us
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Earlier I announced<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/pipermail/libs-or/2015-May/009358.html> that Gale was developing a new middle school database, Research In Context (RIC), and that it would go live on July 1st. Here’s an update.

·         Research In Context is live.

·         It is designed for students in grades 6-8 and replaces these databases, which are no longer available:

o   Discovering Collection

o   Junior Reference Collection

o   Student Resource Center Junior (different than Student Resources In Context, which is not changing)

o   InfoTrac Junior

·         Since one function of Gale PowerSearch is to serve as the Gale common menu, you can find Research In Context by clicking on PowerSearch and scrolling through the database list. See the next bullet about adding a specific link to RIC on your database page.

·         Please alert the person who updates the database page on your library’s website. Database icons and library-specific URLs are available on the Gale support site for Oregon library staff<http://galesupport.com/oregon/>.

·         Research In Context’s interface is very similar to that of the other In Context products – like Opposing Viewpoints, Students Resources In Context, and U.S. History In Context – with a few intentional but minor differences. Read more about the database on the Research In Context product page<http://gale.com/researchincontext>.

·         If you are familiar with the other In Context products, there’s not much to learn with RIC. Explore the brief video tutorials<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/video/research-in-context/> for a quick overview. Sometime in August, you should start to see RIC sessions on the webinar calendar<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/>. After Gale hosts a few RIC webinars, they will post one on the recorded webinars<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/recorded/> page.

·         Free promotional posters, bookmarks, and tent cards should be available on the Gale Promo<http://www.melprinting.com/cengage/> site by the fall. The shared login is gale690228 (username) and 690228 (password).
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Earlier RIC announcement: http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/pipermail/libs-or/2015-May/009358.html
Gale support site for Oregon library staff: http://galesupport.com/oregon/
Research In Context product page: http://blog.gale.com/support-middle-school-researchers-with-engaging-new-resource/
Video tutorials: http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/video/research-in-context/
Webinar calendar: http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/
Recorded webinars: http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/recorded/
Gale Promo: http://www.melprinting.com/cengage/
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