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A local author wanted to share her new release—tantalizing! See below if you’re a NetGalley user and want to read some cool nonfiction.

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From: Amber Keyser [mailto:amber.j.keyser at gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 9:58 AM
To: Erin Fitzpatric-Bjorn <fitzbjorn at comcast.net>; April Witteveen <aprilw at dpls.lib.or.us>
Subject: A favor to ask from my fav librarians

Hi Erin and April,

Since you are my fav librarians, I wanted to share this link to a preapproved galley for my new nonfiction title UNDERNEATH IT ALL, a feminist history of women’s underwear. I was hoping you might be willing to share the link to your librarian colleagues.

Hope the start of your new year is bright! I’m looking forward to the year ahead!


[cid:image001.png at 01D35A38.17A9AAA0]<https://www.netgalley.com/widget/121543/redeem/24c96058f51a3b821192b12a7b8540a37d10c2c1ea5b9f69319b0603c4824104>
Underneath It All<https://www.netgalley.com/widget/121543/redeem/24c96058f51a3b821192b12a7b8540a37d10c2c1ea5b9f69319b0603c4824104>

School Library Journal said nice things about this book and my other new one, TYING THE KNOT, a world history of marriage:

KEYSER, Amber J. Underneath It All: A History of Women’s Underwear. 96p. bibliog. further reading. glossary. index. notes. photos. websites. Twenty-First Century. Jan. 2018. Tr $37.32. ISBN 9781512425314.
Gr 7 Up–The biologist and writer offers a fascinating examination of an often under-explored facet of life—underwear. Undergarments for women have evolved throughout the centuries from simple, plain cloth tunics and elaborate corsets made with steel or whalebone stays and to today’s contemporary bralettes and more. Historically, Keyser asserts, underwear is designed to create what ever is perceived as a perfect body. Examples are the Gibson Girl and today’s Victoria Secret Angels. The book is divided into eight chapters that follow a historical time line and place the garments in perspective with the events and culture of the time period discussed. Chapters are illustrated and contain sidebars. The writing utilizes contemporary language and examples, citing Beyoncé and ad campaigns that challenge stereotypical views of beauty. Highlights of the book are the author’s citation of women historians, writers, and entrepreneurs. VERDICT A bit niche but endlessly fascinating, a great addition to nonfiction collections.–Patricia Ann Owens, formerly at Illinois Eastern Community College, Mt. Carmel

KEYSER, Amber J. Tying the Knot: A World History of Marriage. 104p. bibliog. further reading. glossary. index. notes. photos. websites. Twenty-First Century. Jan. 2018. Tr $35.99. ISBN 9781467792424.
Gr 9 Up–What’s love got to do with it? Not much, Keyser asserts in this examination of the history of marriage. Up until about 250 years ago, marriage was mainly a transaction or union of couples that entailed political, social, and economic factors. Her discussion of traditions and customs from different cultures and countries is a fascinating and insightful one. All types of unions are explored in this book, including levirate, same-sex, green card, and polyandry marriages. Keyser is straightforward and objective in her examination of different views on the institution. She highlights how changes in society (women’s rights, economic conditions, divorce rates, etc.) as well as a general shifting of attitudes has greatly affected marital unions. Keyser’s book is well researched and greatly illustrated with photographs. VERDICT This highly readable text would be a commendable addition to a social science collection for its pertinent information on cultural studies.–Jeanette Lambert, formerly at Nashville-Davidson County Schools

Website:  amberjkeyser.com<http://amberjkeyser.com>
FB: www.facebook.com/amberjkeyserbooks/<http://www.facebook.com/amberjkeyserbooks/>
Twitter: @amberjkeyser

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