[OYAN] CSLP Teen Video Challenge --soon! and question regarding its future

K'Lyn Hann klyn.hann at newbergoregon.gov
Thu Jan 4 13:25:42 PST 2018

Greetings all!

I received the official announcement of CSLP's Teen Video Challenge today. Although I was made aware of it by a past entrant before the holidays, I haven't managed to get Oregon's together quite yet, but it will happen!

Deadline and voting will be in late February/early March.

To those of you who have participated, who have considered participating but haven't, who have chosen not to participate:

CSLP is creating an ad hoc committee to discuss re-vamping the program. The first virtual discussion will happen on January 18th. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. Otherwise, I will take Oregon's responses to the QUESTION below into the discussion.

The biggest topic around the TVC at the last meeting was to change the format from formal video to SnapChat or some other quick access medium.

I feel very strongly that providing a challenge that requires skill is valid. There are sports options that do this. Battle of the Books does this. Robotics. Etc. I recognize that more youth would likely participate, and have the ability to participate, if it was simpler and quicker, but I think it would lose the challenge aspect and thus the quality of the output. I know this is limiting to many, but any competition that provides a valid challenge and requires a quality outcome is limiting.  Just my two sense.

QUESTION: What would be your ideal TVC format/set up? Would you keep it as challenging as it is? Or would you rather see more participants?

Kay Lyn Hann
Senior Librarian (Teen & Tech)

Newberg Public Library
503 E Hancock St, Newberg, OR


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