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Keli Yeats keliy at multcolib.org
Mon Sep 30 12:23:22 PDT 2019

Hey. In the restrictive MCL, we are allowed to serve food with programs. If
it has a physical sign in, like my Teen Council or other program with
registration, then cool. If not, we have a form for them to sign. This is a
precaution against any food born illness so that we can contact folks if
needed. We now have to put up a sign saying that the food may have been
inspected by USDA or whatever.

We are only allowed to serve packaged food. We can't even cut apples. We
can serve cut fruit and salads if it is prepared in a facility with the
proper licenses. For food programs, the presenter should have their Food
Handlers card and licensing and their own insurance and stuff, so that's
taken care of. For large events, like cultural celebrations, well that's
just a big mess of bureaucracy.

I am able to use my YS budget as food is a regular part of programming and
we all know that teens will show up for food. ;) There's also a lot of food
insecurity in the neighborhood, so that's an extra incentive for us to
offer food.

So then, if the super restrictive and risk avoidant MCL can do it, then you
should too.

Keli Yeats, Teen Librarian
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On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 2:46 PM Angela Arena <aarena at co.tillamook.or.us>

> Hello,
> I am looking for policies regarding providing food or snacks for teen
> library programs. Specifically,  I’m wondering about the following:
> Does your library have a policy that permits you to serve food or snacks
> at teen programs? Does the program need to be food related?
> Are you allowed to use library funds from your program budget? If so, are
> there specific rules for what kinds of food can be purchased?
> Are you allowed to ask for donations of food? If so, who can donate? And
> are there guidelines for what can be donated?
> Thank you!
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