[PL-Directors] REMINDER: Edge Assessment Webinar Today!

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Mon Sep 25 08:03:09 PDT 2017


As a follow-up to last week's email announcing the availability of the Edge Initiative to all public libraries for free through June 30, 2018, I wanted to remind everyone about today's webinar at 11:00a:

Gain background knowledge about Edge (including information about the tools and resources available for Step 1), receive step by step guidance and tips to complete Step 1 and learn about the immediate results and reports available after submitting the Edge Assessment, please register for today's session of Using Edge | Step 1 - Assess<https://libraryedgeevent.webex.com/libraryedgeevent/onstage/g.php?PRID=1bd9c60bd5523cc1e9500ef182a37be5>.

If you are not able to attend today's webinar, there will be another opportunity to do so on Monday, October 16 at 11:00a.

Early next week the State Library will be launching a new listserv for any library that is participating in the Edge Initiative this year. This will provide directors and staff the opportunity to connect with peers - ask questions, share suggestions and successes or request help.

In the meantime, the following will help you familiarize yourself and the library staff with the tools, resources and learning opportunities that are associated with the four steps of participation in Edge. I encourage you to review these materials as work through the assessment process.

Step 1 - Assess
The first step of Edge is to gather the necessary information to take an online assessment to identify strengths, gaps and areas of improvement for technology infrastructure and services. Please review Guide to Using Edge | Step 1 - Assess<http://www.libraryedge.org/sites/default/files/Guide_to_Using_Edge_Step1_Assess.pdf> to support your library during this step.

Once you have gathered the necessary information, you may log into your account by clicking here<http://www.libraryedge.org/user/login?current=home>. After submitting the Edge Assessment, you will have access to three reports: your Edge Assessment Results, your Edge Peer Comparison Report and the Edge National Peer Attribute Report.

Additionally, the following Edge tools, resources and learning opportunities are available to support the library during Step 1 - Assess:

*         Edge Benchmarks<http://www.libraryedge.org/sites/default/files/Edge_Benchmarks_Fall2017.pdf> - Edge's 11 national benchmarks that gauge community value, stakeholder engagement, and organizational management.

*         Edge Assessment Workbook<http://www.libraryedge.org/sites/default/files/EAW_subscribed_libraries.pdf> - a printable version of the Edge Assessment to use for gathering the required data

*         Edge Answer Key<https://support.libraryedge.org/support/solutions/158181> - a list of answer solutions that corresponds with most assessment questions and is a useful resource in determining how to complete the Edge Assessment

*         Edge Live Office Hours<https://libraryedgeevent.webex.com/libraryedgeevent/onstage/g.php?PRID=cd0741d7daa326c18a69bae9cf874f79> - an opportunity to seek advice from the Edge Team, learn from your peers, or share best practices

If you or anyone from your library should have any questions or need guidance with Step 1, please do not hesitate to contact me - I am available via email<mailto:darci.hanning at state.or.us>, phone, or on-site visit to assist you and your staff in working through the assessment phase.

Darci Hanning, MLIS
Technology Development Consultant
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