[R2R-OR] Q and A: What if my cost estimates are off?

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Tue Aug 30 11:39:36 PDT 2011

Hello!  I received another excellent question about the Ready to Read Grant application.  Remember, applications must be postmarked by tomorrow--August 31, 2011.  Late applications will not be accepted. This is in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule 543-040-0030 (2)<http://www.oregon.gov/OSL/LD/resources/laws/rules/543040.shtml> which means exceptions cannot be made.

Q:  This is the first year we’ve had separate budgets for early literacy and summer reading. We estimated costs for the purposes of the application since we have never tracked, for example, library materials to support early literacy separate from library materials to support summer reading. If we find that our estimates are off and we end up spending slightly less on one and more on the other, will that be a big deal?

A:  It is not a big deal.  Here is what you do:

  *   If you are not changing your project, but you end up spending more on one item and less on another item included in your Ready to Read Grant application all you have to do is report that change in December 2012 when you write and submit your 2011-2011 Ready to Read final report.
  *   If you want to change your project and spend money on something that was not included in your Ready to Read Grant application you need to call or email me to get approval.  I just need to confirm that the new part of your project is an acceptable use of grant moneys according to Oregon Revised Statute 357.750<http://www.oregon.gov/OSL/LD/resources/laws/statutes/357/readytoread.shtml>.  This is not a big deal either.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.  You all have been asking particularly good questions this year and I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,

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